Crime Reports 9-3-2020


Man charged after traffic stop
A man stopped for not having a visible vehicle tag ended up in jail Aug. 26 with drug charges.
The man was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, various pills and cocaine.
A gun was also confiscated from the trunk of his vehicle.
During the ordeal, the man fainted and was treated by paramedics but denied transport to the hospital.
Funny money
Walterboro police responded to a complaint in the 1100 block of Sniders Highway involving counterfeit money shortly after 10 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 24.
According to the report, a 58-year-old male attempted to purchase cigarettes from the attendant using a counterfeit bill.
The money was taken and marked as evidence.
No other action was reported.
Hit and run
Walterboro Police officers responded to a report of a hit and run in the 3300 block of Robertson Boulevard on Monday, Aug 24.
According to the report, a tan SUV was struck by a black Cadillac, which left the scene.
A 31-year-old male was apprehended at a later point with the help of some identifying decals on the vehicle.
The driver was later identified as having been a third time suspended driver in the last five years.
No injuries were reported.
Thief runs
but is caught
On August 31, deputies responded to a complainant who reported she heard noises outside and caught someone in her vehicle. She fired a gunshot into the air to scare off the thief, but her ex-boyfriend called out to her and then took off running into the woods. Upon investigation, she discovered that someone allegedly broken into her vehicle and took a handgun.
Noticing a vehicle nearby, deputies ran it through dispatch, and were told that it had been reported stolen from Mt. Pleasant.
A search began for the suspect while a tow truck removed the abandoned vehicle.
Minutes later, dispatch informed deputies that the tow truck driver saw a man was standing in the road asking for a ride. The man allegedly told the tow driver that the vehicle being towed was his. Deputies arrived on the scene, detained the suspect and found the firearm stolen from the victim in his waistband. He was arrested.
A hole in the wall
A female contacted dispatch to report a hole in the wall of her home.
According to the victim, she arrived home from work on August 31 and found sheetrock dust on her dresser. Then she noticed a small buckshot pellet on her bed. She went outside and found a bullet entered her home about six feet above the ground at the end of her mobile home. She advised deputies that a young man allegedly hunts in the woods behind her home and may be responsible for the accident.
The incident is under investigation.
Fleeing ATVs
Deputies attempted to make a traffic stop on Industrial Highway on Aug. 30 due to a group of ATVs pulling another ATV with a chain. The group, noticing the officers, fled the scene, but the chained ATV broke free and came to a stop. The driver was detained and released, but the fleeing ATVs were not located.
Headphones and speeding
A red motorcycle was caught speeding by a deputy on Aug. 30 at the intersection of Doctors Creek and Penny Creek Drive.
The deputy initiated blue lights and a siren, staying at a constant speed of 70 to follow the suspect down Bells Highway.
The suspect finally stopped at a red light and was detained by officers. He stated that he was wearing headphones and did not hear the sirens. Officers were advised by dispatch that the suspect’s license had been suspended for the second time. The driver was issued a citation and released, and a licensed driver took possession of the motorcycle.
Stolen license plate
On August 30, deputies made contact with the driver of a white Saturn with a reported stolen license plate from Summerville. The driver advised that she was not the owner of the vehicle and was unaware the plate had been stolen. Information on the vehicle’s owner was obtained, and the license plate seized and placed into evidence.
Good Samaritan leads to an arrest
A citizen, concerned for a girl’s safety, reported to officers on Aug. 28 that a teen girl was walking alone near Canadys Crossroads towards Jeffries Boulevard carrying a blue book bag.
The officer stopped the girl and asked for ID. Through dispatch, he discovered that the girl was clear, and offered to give her a ride to the truck stop. He said that he needed to check the book bag for contraband before he could transport her.
The girl became agitated when the deputy found a lock inside the bag. She claimed that it went to a U-Haul. After making inquiries, it was reported to deputies that a U-Haul had been stolen from Lake City and left in St. George. Lake City advised deputies to arrest the suspect who was later denied bond and held in lieu of a warrant.


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