CRIME REPORTS - 12/8/2022


Colleton County Sheriff’s Office Reports:

11/29/2022 - RUFFIN: At approximately 5:06 p.m. CCSO responded by phone to Greenville Road in reference to a burglary.

11/29/2022 - WALTERBORO: At approximately 2:50 p.m. officers responded to a classroom incident between a student and teacher while stationed at the Colleton County Middle School (CCMS).

11/30/2022 - RUFFIN: At approximately 8:48 a.m. CCSO responded to the Colleton County Medical Center in reference to an assault.

11/30/2022 - LODGE: Officer responded to a residence in reference to an assault. Officer arrived on the scene and contacted the complainant. The complainant stated that a subject assaulted her and damaged her vehicle.

11/30/2022 - WALTERBORO: Officer was sitting stationary near the Southland Apartments on Jefferies Highway. While observing the apartments for suspicious activity at the request of another officer who took a report at the apartments earlier that night. The officer observed a white male wearing a white tank top, blue jeans, and white shoes approach the apartments. Shortly after an officer heard a loud noise and observed the male attempting to leave the area. Officer stopped the male. When a resident of the apartments came over, he informed the officer that someone had kicked his door down and the white male fled the scene.

12/01/2022 - COTTAGEVILLE: At approximately 4:34 p.m. CCSO responded to Hamwalk Lane regarding a deceased female found lying in the yard.

12/01/2022 - LODGE: Officers responded in reference to a structure fire.

12/02/2022 - WALTERBORO: An officer while on duty at the Colleton County High School was called by school staff in reference to an assault incident between two male students.

12/02/2022 - LODGE: An officer was stationed at the OD desk; the complainant came to the sheriff’s office requesting a report to be done. The complainant stated that someone stole five folding camping chairs from his camper.

12/03/2022 - WALTERBORO: At approximately 8 p.m. an officer conducted a traffic stop for a moving violation. A subsequent investigation led to the driver of the vehicle being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).

12/03/2022 - WALTERBORO: An officer responded to a residence in reference to a shooting incident. No subjects were injured.

12/04/2022 - WALTERBORO: An officer responded to a residence regarding an assault. The suspect left the scene prior to the officer’s arrival.

12/04/2022 - COTTAGEVILLE: On 12/04/2022 at approximately 8:02 a.m. CCSO responded to the Cottageville area concerning a pack of vicious dogs running freely in the neighborhood.

12/04/2022 - GREENPOND: Officers responded to an aggravated assault. Unknown suspects shot into an occupied dwelling. There were no injuries. Photographs were taken and evidence was collected.

12/04/2022 -WALTERBORO: At approximately 6:26 p.m. An officer was dispatched to call the victim via telephone in reference to a suspect entering the property with what appeared to be a firearm.

Walterboro Police Department Reports:

11/28/2022-LARCENY FROM VEHICLE - Officers contacted the victim regarding her handgun having been stolen out of her vehicle while at Walmart. The victim related that she discovered that her Taurus G2C 9MM handgun was missing from her vehicle. The victim did provide the serial number for it.

11/29/2022 - GRAND LARCENY OVER $2,000 BUT UNDER $10,000 - Officers were dispatched to make a phone call about a larceny that occurred on two vehicles, at the Comfort Inn.

11/29/2022 - PETIT LARCENY - On the above date and time officers were dispatched to Carn Street in reference to a male attempting to take the complainant’s car.

11/29/2022 - 2ND DEGREE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND KIDNAPPING - Officers were dispatched to Colleton Medical Center in reference to a domestic having occurred in the city limits. Once on the scene, officers met with a deputy sheriff who had originally responded to a location within their jurisdiction and determined the incident had started within Walterboro city limits. Officers did contact the female, who had obvious signs of injury. Officers also contacted the offender who, under Miranda, did confess to the incident. The offender was arrested and booked into the county jail for domestic second-degree and kidnapping.

12/01/2022 - PETIT LARCENY - Officer met with the complainant at HQ in reference to her wallet being stolen from Dollar General

12/01/2022 - ASSAULT AND BATTERY 3RD DEGREE - Officers responded to the incident location in reference to the offender being at the property and an active fight taking place between the offender and victim.

12/01/2022 - MALICIOUS INJURY TO ANIMALS, PERSONAL PROPERTY - On the above date and time officer was dispatched to Elizabeth Street at Spic and Span laundry in reference to malicious damage.

12/01/2022 -GRAND LARCENY - Officer responded to Jasmine Street in reference to a stolen golf cart.

12/01/2022 - STALKING - The officer responded to Bells Highway in reference to stalking and harassing.

12/02/2022 - SHOPLIFTING 1ST OFFENSE - Officers were dispatched to Walmart in reference to shoplifting having taken place. Upon arrival, officers contacted loss prevention who stated that they observed the offender select and conceal merchandise on his person. He then left without paying for the concealed merchandise. The offender’s actions were observed on video surveillance and the business wanted to proceed with criminal prosecution.

12/02/2022 - LEAVING THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT WITH PROPERTY DAMAGE - Officers were dispatched to Bells Highway in reference to a hit and run. Contact was made with the victim.

12/02/2022 - LEAVING THE SCENE OF ACCIDENT WITH PROPERTY DAMAGE - Officers were dispatched to North Jefferies Boulevard in reference to a hit-a-run.

12/02/2022 - LEAVING THE SCENE OF ACCIDENT W/ PERSONAL INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE - Officers were dispatched to the area of Wichman and North Jefferies in reference to a vehicle accident with one vehicle having left the scene. Once on scene, officers observed two vehicles in the roadway, one with heavy front and rear end damage. The third vehicle that caused the collision, did leave the scene. It was described as a white SUV with the first of the tag displaying “tep”. this information was bolo’d out to the sheriff’s office and highway patrol. Officers issued collision forms and cleared the scene.

12/03/2022 - FAILURE TO STOP FOR BLUE LIGHTS - Officers observed a white Toyota driving carelessly and having tags that were registered to another vehicle. The vehicle failed to stop for blue lights and sirens. The driver was apprehended after he fled the vehicle on foot by officers. Eight ounces of marijuana was located on the driver’s person and in his car after a probable cause search.

12/03/2022 - ATTEMPTED MURDER - Officers received a phone call about a vehicle being shot at in the area of Robertson Boulevard and North Lemacks street. contact was made at the victim. Pictures were taken of the vehicle and evidence was collected.

12/04/2022 - INTIMIDATION - Officers were dispatched to Arby’s in reference to a white male having made threats to shoot at the restaurant. Upon arrival, contact was made with the victim who related that she was serving multiple customers at one time and the offender got upset. He began a verbal argument that escalated to him making a threat to discharge a firearm. The victim was able to provide a vehicle license number as well as provided information from where the offender made a complaint with Arby’s corporate where he left his information. the victim was provided with a case number and advised on trespassing procedures.

12/04/2022 - PETIT LARCENY - Officers were dispatched to Rodeway Inn in reference to a larceny of jewelry. Upon arrival, officers contacted the victim who related that the rings that were gifted to him by his mother were missing, and he believed the offender was the one who took them.

12/04/2022 - LEAVING THE SCENE OF ACCIDENT W/ PERSONAL INJURY - Officers were approached by a male that stated he and a female had been involved in an auto-pedestrian accident. Officers gathered information.