Colleton County Sheriff’s Office officials urge residents to sign up with ‘Next Door’ and ‘Twitter’




When it comes to the largest law enforcement agency in the county, Facebook is not the best way to stay informed. To stay updated with the latest crime and happenings in the county, The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office urges residents to sign up for their frequently used social media platforms, Twitter and Nextdoor. 

Since the recent implementation of Facebook’s page administration verification, the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office has had ongoing issues gaining access to the page; resulting in utilizing other trending social media platforms to release important information. The sheriff’s office Facebook page was initially started in 2012. The social media giant continues providing the sheriff’s office with inconsistent access to the free version of its network. It’s been more than a year since the sheriff’s office had access to their page, and hopes the issue will be resolved soon.

The sheriff’s office continues utilizing Next Door, YouTube, and Twitter to reach residents to keep residents informed on crime, accidents, severe weather, and arrests.

“The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office social media sites are used to release important information regarding crime prevention and/or videos, surveillance footage, crime trends, accidents/incidents, significant arrests, media releases, agency accomplishments, severe weather, events, pictures, etc.,” Shalane Lowes, spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office, said in a written statement.

The Next Door platform requires residents to sign up for the service by joining their specific neighborhood or county. This registration is done on the social media sites’ home page.

The sheriff’s office’s Twitter account is “@ccsocares.”

The YouTube channel can be found at “Colleton County Sheriff’s Office.”

The Next Door social media site can be found by searching Colleton County Sheriff’s Office.

For direct links to these social media sites, visit the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office Web site at and then follow the prompts to social media.


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