CCSO Cadet Post 843 places 1st at SCALE


Colleton County Sheriff’s Office Cadet Post 843 participated in SCALE 2024 hosted by Mount Pleasant Police Department in which they competed in 6 scenarios. The Cadets competed against 12 other teams across South Carolina. Colleton County Post 843 placed 1st Place for an unknown risk traffic stop that resulted in Domestic Violence 2nd Degree. Congratulations C/Captain Gladstone, C/Lieutenant Gooding, C/Sergeant Sightler, and C/Sergeant Schoulte.

Colleton County Sheriff’s Office’s Cadet Program is partnered with Law Enforcement Public Safety Cadets. Law Enforcement Public Safety Cadets provides educational training programs for young adults ages 14-20 on the purposes, mission, and objectives of law enforcement. The program provides career orientation experiences, leadership opportunities, and community service activities.

S.C.A.L.E. (South Carolina Association of Law Enforcement Explorers)

SCALE is a competition within the state of South Carolina in which law enforcement Cadets/ Explorers within their agencies compete on skill, knowledge, teamwork, and leadership. SCALE has been in existence since 1979. Columbia, Tennessee often participates with this state in competitions.


Colleton County Cadet Post 843 is led by Lieutenant Ricky Valentine. The post is a combination of School Recourse Officers, Patrol deputies, and Detectives that work together to train our youth in the job of law enforcement. Sergeant Phillip Cole oversees the training necessary for Cadets to be successful in competition. Cadets are also present in community events in which they are able to promote a positive image for the community to have with our law enforcement. There are currently 8 cadets participating in the CCSO Cadet program. Those who wish to become cadets must have completed the 8th grade and reached the age of 14. Cadets may stay with the program until they have reached their 21st birthday.

Colleton County Sheriff’s Office Cadet Post 843 has participated in the 3 following competitions:

2023 Winter SCALE (Hosted by Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office)

2023 Summer SCALE (Hosted by Lexington County Sheriff’s Office)

2024 Winter SCALE (Hosted by Mount Pleasant Police Department)

Colleton Cadets have placed in every SCALE they have participated in. Colleton County Cadet Post 843 obtained a 1st Place award in the 2024 Winter SCALE competition for a scenario that was a traffic stop that evolved into a domestic dispute. They were graded on officer safety, professionalism, and the skill set required to apply the law.

Congratulations Colleton County Cadet Post 843 on your first-place win in the 2024 Winter SCALE competition. We wish you continued success!