Bells Elementary School presents Young Men’s Club Pinning Ceremony


Friday, March 22 was a special day at Bells Elementary School. Thirteen young boys took a step toward becoming young men at the Bells Elementary Young Men’s Club Pinning Ceremony. These boys cut debonair figures in their suits, ties, and dress shoes looking every inch the young men they are on their way to becoming.

Upon entering the Bells Elementary cafeteria people were met by soft jazz playing and tables simply but very tastefully set with white tablecloths and deep blue runners. Each seat had a place setting, and the center pieces were a crystal star with silver stars floating in water.

Men from the community were present at the ceremony leading by example dressed in their finest from younger men to distinguished elders in support of these young boys.

The ceremony began with the introduction of each participant followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and welcome. An overview of the Young Men’s Club was given by Mr. Jimmy Wiggins and Mr. Jarrard Coleman, club coordinators. A motivational speech was given By Dr. Ephraim Stevens, who also was a student at Bells Elementary. Ms. Diamond Berry, also a club coordinator and Mistress of Ceremonies recognized the sponsors and notable attendees at the ceremony. Ms. Berry then called for representatives from each of the sponsors and recognized attendees to step forward to pin each of the young men. After receiving their pins the newly pinned young gentlemen recited their Pledge.

Today I pledge to be the best me I can be, to demonstrate integrity in all that I do, treat others with respect, remembering always that I must respect myself first.

Today I pledge that I, and I alone, am responsible for making good choices.

Today I pledge to demonstrate those behaviors that are consistent in following my own dreams and aspirations.

Today I pledge to be grateful for this opportunity to be led by those I admire.

After shaking hands with all those present for their pinning, the young gentlemen and guests enjoyed a reception.

Congratulations to the young men as they continue their journey.