#yourColletonfirefighter presents #firefighterfriday


Get to know #yourColletonFirefighter Mandy Dandridge on #firefighterfriday. Firefighter Dandridge is a volunteer assigned to Station 8 serving the Hendersonville Community. Mandy is also a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.). Here is more on Firefighter Dandridge:

Mandy is a Colleton native and loves her community; this appreciation for her community is what motivated her to join Colleton County Fire-Rescue’s Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.). She says, “I have always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, and this is what I have found in Colleton County.” Mandy joined C.E.R.T. in 2022 and “fell in love with the culture” so much that she decided to also volunteer as a firefighter in 2023. Mandy describes Colleton County Fire-Rescue as a positive, knowledge rich environment, where everyone is challenged through training and the best education. “I am able to continually improve myself thanks to Colleton County Fire-Rescue giving back 110% to its members through course study, physical training, support systems, and a plethora of individuals who encourage you every step of the way.” Mandy, like many of us, at one point in her life experienced a traumatic event that altered the course of her life. After her experience, she knew she wanted to be there for others who face similar situations. She dedicated herself to raising her son, and once he was on his own, she began to follow her desire to help others.

During her free time, she enjoys dove hunting and fishing. Photography has also been a huge part of her life, although it comes second to the three most important people in her life: her sweetheart, her son, and her grandson.

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