Welcome to the Chamber


The Colleton County Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Edisto Home Care and Hospice, a compassionate provider of holistic care dedicated to addressing the mind, body, and spirit of individuals approaching the end of life’s journey. This organization stands out not only for its commitment to patient well-being but also for fostering a familial atmosphere. Owners and administrators Melinda and Kevin Jackson lead a team that views their workplace as more than just a job, it is a family.

Edisto Home Care and Hospice sets itself apart by taking a holistic approach to end-of-life care. Recognizing that true well-being encompasses mind, body, and spirit, the organization goes beyond traditional care models. As the owners and administrators of Edisto Home Care and Hospice, Melinda and Kevin Jackson bring a vision that goes beyond treating the disease- they emphasize treating the patient. Their dedication to creating a family-like environment within the organization translates into positive workplace culture that extends to the care provided to patients and their families.

In the words of Clinical Director Amy Covington, “I am so thankful for Melinda and Kevin, who care about their employees and treat them like family.” This sentiment echoes throughout the organization, creating a supportive and nurturing workplace.

Edisto Home Care and Hospice operates from two strategically located offices-one in Walterboro and one in Orangeburg. The Walterboro office, staffed by 15 employees, serves as a hub for compassionate care in Colleton County. Between the two offices, the team seamlessly travels between offices to ensure the community receives consistent and exceptional care.

Edisto Home Care and Hospice is not just a care provider; they are actively engaged with the community. The organization has been an integral part of events such as Walterboro’s First Thursday, participating in Leadership training with the Tri-County Chamber, and various events at Magnolias in Santee and other locations.

The Colleton County Chamber of Commerce proudly welcomes Edisto Home Care and Hospice as a valued member to our community. Their holistic approach, care, and commitment to creating family-like atmosphere, and actively participating in community events align seamlessly with the Chambers’s mission. We look forward to the positive impact they will undoubtedly continue to make in Colleton County.