Walterboro Karate & Defense Arts is expanding to offer self-defense classes



Walterboro Karate and Defense Arts (WKDA) is making changes and expanding classes after 26 years.

Soshi Will Marvin and his mother, Kyoshi Sherry, are planning to offer new classes, hours, training, seminars and special events to better serve the community.

Classes will offer karate, bullying prevention, women’s awareness and self defense classes and advanced training.

WKDA was started by the late Earle R. Marvin and his wife Sherry, along with their sons, Will and Wade. Their location has been at 922 South Jefferies Blvd. beside the Live Oak Cemetery since 1988. According to Sherry Marvin, the Dojo (school) was started as a way to give back to the community and to enhance the lives of young people.

Due to the untimely death of Earle in 1995, his son, Will, has continued with many students passing through the Dojo for the past 26 years with great success.

“Truthfulness and integrity are the Foundation upon which we address and make a meaningful difference to help our students (kids and adults) to learn how to defend themselves correctly and naturally,” said Marvin.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are offered on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons for Kids (5 years old and up), youths and adults. Private lessons and small groups can be scheduled.

“We are excited about the addition of Bullying Prevention Classes,” said Marvin. “Over 90 percent of 4th thru 8th grader’s report being victims of some form of bullying. Hoping a Bullying Problem will just go away is not realistic. If you have noticed a sudden change in your child’s behavior, watched your child’s level of confidence and self-esteem plummet or seen fear in your child’s eyes, then these classes can help.

“Our goal is to enhance young People’s lives and watch children gain confidence and realize that it is not their fault they are being bullied or sexually abused. They can start feeling more confident which makes it easier to stand up for themselves,” she added.

Women’s Awareness and Self-Defense Classes are also available for groups, families or individuals ages 10 years old and up. “One in four females will experience some form of sexual abuse during their lifetime. We teach how to be more aware of what’s going on around you and to be prepared,” Marvin said.

Their first class will be on Sunday, February 6th.

Marvin says that people can call for more information at (843) 599-1065 or (843) 635-7136, watch a class and even try a class at no charge.