Upcoming plans for Walterboro


D. Erickson

Walterboro. The Front Porch of the Lowcountry. Have a seat in that red rocking chair and stay awhile. Would you care for a glass of sweet tea? Sure darlin’, let me get that for you.

This is Walterboro. Throughout the “Trial of the Century” comments were made by visitors about how nice the City of Walterboro is and the hospitality of its people. It takes effort for the town to look appealing and maintain that hospitable feeling. The Walterboro City Council has plans for Walterboro in order to keep this southern hospitality available for its citizens and visitors as well as bringing more economic more economic opportunities to the town.

The railing at the waterfall at Waterfall for safety and aesthetics. The chlorine used to keep the water clean has caused deterioration of the railing as well as the normal damage caused by time and weather.

Bids have also been tendered and accepted to replace the boardwalks in the Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary (a/k/a The Great Swamp Sanctuary), and Wildwood Contractors of Walterboro, S.C. was awarded the contract. The current boardwalks and bridges were constructed from wood which have degraded over time. The new boardwalks and bridges will be concrete to better withstand the rigors of the swamp’s climate. Phase one of the project will begin at Canoe Launch/Hartzog Trail. The project will include the demolition of 1,405 feet of existing boardwalk and two bridges, 12,996 of PermaTrak boardwalk will be laid, the construction of two new bridges, and a block retaining wall.