Teen brings gun onto CCHS grounds


A 17-year old is potentially facing charges after an incident at the Colleton County High School football game led to the involvement of law enforcement officials on September 16, 2022.

The Colleton County School District has issued a blanket statement concerning the incident that reads as follows:

“In order to keep our community informed, Colleton County School District Officials would like to offer an update on an incident that took place during the September 16, 2022 Colleton County High School home football game.

During the third quarter of the football game, law enforcement officials were alerted to suspicious activity occurring in one of the stadium’s parking lots. Upon investigating the area, law enforcement officers took control of the situation and addressed the activity. In response to this incident, district and law enforcement officials operated under a heightened sense of awareness for the rest of the game.

It is a priority with CCSD to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, staff, and their families, both in the classroom and during district events. The district will continue to use metal detectors at football games and will continue to enforce our clear book bag policies for district events.

The district will also use its partnerships with city and county law enforcement agencies to assist in keeping our events secure.

CCSD would also like to call on our community members to help us in this initiative by frequently communicating with us if they have a concern and informing district staff if they see any suspicious activity taking place at our schools. By working together, we can work to meet our goal of providing a safe educational and recreational environment for all Colleton County residents.”

Information from the Colleton County Sheriff’s Department indicates that the 17-year old individual involved in this incident is facing pending charges of unlawful possession of a weapon on school grounds, unlawful possession of a handgun under the age of 18, unlawful possession of a handgun with the serial number removed, and possession of marijuana. Petitions have been filed with DJJ. A name has not been released due to the suspect being a minor in age.