November blood drive at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church


The November blood drive at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church brought in 47 possible donors and 43 pints of blood was collected. Those that came in to donate were: Leon Bryan, Kevin Wicker, Stacy Thomas, Mike Kuszmaul, Fran Mack, Celeste Stone, Gary Hermann, Donald Davis, Jack Jones, Sarah Judy, Thomas Whitacre, Rebecca Foster, Bill Weeks, Bethany Weeks, William Snead, Frank Prado, Steve Creel, Brenda Creel, Vicki Syfrett, Susan Stokes, Constance McLoud, Arlene Cassedy, Diane Wicker, Linda Clark, Brian Cassedy, Bucky McCormack, Margie Manigo-Sweet, Barbara Hawkins, Antoine Drayton, Jessica Ethridge, Perry Ramsey (3 gallons), Brenda Washington, Sonya Manigo, Summer White, Hope Pearce, Dr. Riddick Ackerman III, Susan Bennett, Sandra Ferguson, P.A. Pournelle, Marilyn Peters, Jeanette Smith, Keisha Edwards, Crystal DeLonge, Michael DeLonge, Tristan Hiott, and Norma Weeks.

After the last blood drive of the year, I would like to thank those who make all the blood drives possible. First, thank you Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for opening the doors to your beautiful church and welcoming us in. Next, thank you to the blood donors who make it all possible. Thank you to the canteen workers, Ada Bentley, Susan Harrison, and Arlene Cassedy when we need her. Thank you, Brian Cassedy, who has put our signs out for years, but has turned the job over to Kevin Wicker, who has already gotten more signs for the blood drives. I could not do it without all of you.

The first blood drive in 2024 will be on January 15, 2024. It will be a week later because of having a 56-day gap between drives.

For more information call Colleton County Blood Drive Coordinator Norma Weeks at 843-538-8950.