Edisto Beach police are cracking down this summer



For Colletonians, the summer “go to” place is Edisto Beach.
Some inland Colleton residents own homes in the coastal town, while others rent vacations homes, camp or just visit the beach for a day. But it is important to know the Town of Edisto Beach’s rules and regulations before taking to the sand.
Visitors preparing to travel to Edisto Beach can read the ordinances and other rules and regulations pertaining to the beach on the Town of Edisto Beach website.
“The men and women of the Edisto Beach Police Department are proud of the safe and family friendly environment in the Town of Edisto Beach,” said Edisto Beach Police Chief Steve Miano. “We work hard to help ensure that your visit with us will be a wonderful experience. We ask that you follow the traffic laws and follow the Town Ordinances that are posted at each access to the beach. This allows everyone to have a good experience here in our little piece of paradise.”

Pets are allowed on the beach, but must be on a leash from May 1 to Oct. 31st, according to a town ordinance.
Rental companies have temporary collars to give to renters to write a phone number (local, vacation or cell number) and the pet’s name should the pet get lost.
Homeowners who personally rent or loan out their homes should have these collars as well.
If you visit the beach and take your pet, make sure the pet is on a leash and clean up behind your fur baby.
Have a collar labeled with clear information.

Golf Carts, RV’s and Campers
The Town of Edisto has strict guidelines for owning and driving golf carts. A county ordinance states that all golf carts must have a Town of Edisto decal displayed on left side of vehicle where it is clearly visible and must have a state DMV golf cart permit with registration, insurance proof, and address present in the golf cart.
All certified manufactured Golf Carts cannot exceed 19 mph, and can only be operated during daylight hours.
The driver must have a valid Driver’s License present at all times, and the cart can only be operated within four miles of the DMV registered address on a secondary roadway or street. Golf Carts may not be operated on a Primary Highway, but can cross over a Primary Highway.
Boats and jet skis can only be launched at landings, and not from any part of the beach.
No motorized vehicles on the beach are allowed at all.
RVs and campers are not allowed to hook-up within the town limits; you must have a campsite at the county park. Overnight parking or camping at beach accesses, town parks and streets is prohibited.
On the beach
On the beach itself, visitors cannot fish with chum, leave litter, have glass containers, build a fire, dig and leave huge holes, or camp. Anything left on the beach overnight becomes the property of the Town of Edisto Beach, including canopies.
There is also a town ordinance against any open container on the beach.

Sand Dunes
Near the dunes, it is illegal to damage, walk upon, vandalize, place objects or items upon, remove, or in any other manner disrupt or disturb vegetation and fencing located on the beach, beach accesses or street ends adjacent to the beach.

Sea Turtles
People need to stay away from the staked orange tape as these are the turtle nesting sites. No light is allowed to illuminate the beach from May 1 through October 31 for the protection of Loggerhead Sea Turtles, so no lit porches, lanterns or flashlights. It will confuse the turtle hatchlings which need to face the ocean and not the lights.

General Beach Rules
According to Edisto Beach ordinances, the following activities are prohibited on the beach:
• Glass containers
• Bon fires
• Littering
• Motorized vehicles
• Motorized water craft
• Sailboats on sand dunes or grassy areas of dunes
• Parking on sand dunes
• Dogs on leash May 1 through Oct 31 and owners must cleanup pet excrement
• Leaving holes on beach
• Disturbing or hanging items on sand fencing
• Disturbing, damaging, trampling or removing vegetation that stabilizes dunes


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