Downtown Walterboro fashion show hosts model call


By: Jessica O’Connor

A model call will be held on September 10, 2022 from 3:00PM-5:00PM at 215 East Washington Street in Walterboro for December’s Walterboro Walk fashion show. Models from ages five to seventy seeking to take part in the fashion show are invited to attend. The coordinator is also seeking three luxury cars to use in conjunction with the event.

Photographers will be on site shooting at the model call, and area designers and boutique owners are encouraged to come out and start choosing the models they would like to use to showcase their items at Walterboro Walk.

The fashion show is a passion project of area boutique and modeling/talent agency owner, Pasqua Nelson. Nelson has been with the Colleton Arts Council for five years and hosted a variety of fashion shows in Walterboro and the surrounding area.

Nelson hopes to bring fashion and the unique boutiques in the area into the spotlight through Walterboro Walk, which will take place on December 17, 2022 at the Colleton County Farmer’s Market. Boutique owners provide clothing for the fashion show, and in return receive striking imagery to use in their advertising and social media posts. Models and photographers (who are invited to attend and shoot with no fee) receive photos for their portfolios. Nelson’s intention is to create an event in which all who participate benefit.

Children are especially invited to participate in the model call. Nelson notes that she thoroughly enjoys seeing their reactions when dressed for an event. “They ask if the audience is really looking at them, and I tell them oh yes, they’re definitely looking at you!,” she laughs. Nelson believes that being involved in events like the fashion show boosts self confidence and helps build a number of valuable life skills in youth.

For more information about the upcoming Walterboro Walk or model call, contact Pasqua Nelson by phone at 843-510-3000.