CCSD presents International Teacher Spotlight of the Month


Subject/Grade Taught: ELA/11th Grade

Country of Origin: Ghana

In the vibrant mosaic of global educators, Ackumey Pascaline, hailing from the culturally rich Ghana, emerges as a beacon of inspiration and commitment. With a teaching tenure spanning five years, Ms. Pascaline has accumulated a wealth of experience, serving as a mentor to students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Despite encountering challenges along her journey, her pride in nurturing both the academic growth and personal development of her students has remained unwavering.

Possessing a Bachelor’s degree in English Education, Ms. Pascaline brings a deep understanding of her subject, enriching her capacity to mold the educational experience for her students. Furthermore, she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Education with a focus on English Language, further solidifying her commitment to advancing her expertise and enhancing the learning journey for those under her guidance.

Ms. Pascaline epitomizes the essence of effective education by prioritizing the creation of a positive, nurturing, and inclusive learning environment. She firmly believes that students thrive in an atmosphere conducive to growth, where teachers approach their work with a friendly and encouraging demeanor. In her view, a tension-free classroom is the breeding ground for positive learning outcomes.

Ms. Pascaline’s dedication extends beyond imparting knowledge; she has left an indelible mark on her students’ academic journeys. In Ghana, her commitment resulted in a majority of students conquering the challenging comprehension aspect of their final exams, earning her well-deserved recognition from her school.

In the United States, Ms. Pascaline continued her legacy by transforming a once talkative and jittery class into a focused and productive group of students. Her ability to instill discipline and a love for learning has been a source of immense pride and joy.

Ms. Pascaline’s teaching methods reflect her commitment to student success. Known for breaking down complex concepts into manageable bits, she incorporates engaging activities for a hands-on learning experience. Embracing the power of peer tutoring, she fosters collaboration and community within her classroom.

Beyond the classroom, Ackumey Pascaline enjoys a vibrant life. An avid lover of cooking, she delights in experimenting with new recipes. Her passion for music and literature provides solace during leisure time, transporting her to different realms. A unique quirk is her preference for indoor activities, making her a true connoisseur of the cozy comforts of home life.

Ackumey Pascaline’s dedication to creating a positive learning environment, her innovative teaching methods, and her notable achievements in education make her a shining example of a passionate and effective educator. Her influence extends beyond the classroom, enriching the lives of her students and fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.