Brief car chase results in drug bust


By Andy Ann

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, a Colleton County deputy attempted to conduct a routine traffic stop on Sidneys Road. A records check showed the car’s tag was registered to another vehicle. The officer activated the emergency lights and sirens as the vehicle failed to stop.

The driver of the other vehicle activated hazard lights and continued to travel at 55 miles per hour which resulted in a brief chase. The driver continued on Sidneys Road toward Cottageville Highway, made a right turn on Cottageville Highway, and proceeded toward Robertson Boulevard.

Additional law enforcement units responded to assist in the pursuit. The driver evaded law enforcement vehicles and turned onto Poplar Street. The driver then pulled onto Hampton Street to a residence before coming to a stop.

The driver, Tywuan Ford, was instructed to exit the vehicle and was handcuffed. The passenger, Shia Young, was also handcuffed upon exiting the vehicle.

When officers questioned Ford why he failed to stop, the driver said he did not want to stop because he wanted to get the vehicle back to his residence to prevent it from being towed. The officer informed the driver that the vehicle could still be towed regardless the location of the vehicle.

Upon questioning, the officer detected the smell the odor of marijuana coming from the driver. The driver readily claimed that he had marijuana on his person. The officer conducted a probable cause search of Ford and retrieved a small bag of green leafy substance from his jacket pocket.

Ford was then placed in the back of the patrol car, while a probable cause search of the suspect’s vehicle was conducted. In the trunk of the vehicle, a brown backpack was found near the spare tire. Inside the bag, several individually wrapped bags filled with a green leafy substance were reportedly found. Ford was then read his Miranda rights.

A records search of Ford determined that his driver’s license was currently suspended and showing that he was wanted by Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office. Colleton County dispatch center contacted Clarendon County, but Clarendon County was unable to locate the warrant.

Deputies also conducted a probable cause search of Young and discovered a handgun inside her purse. A records check for the handgun showed it was clear; however, Young did not possess a valid S.C. concealed weapons permit. A female officer with the Walterboro Police Department conducted an additional search of Young and was found clear. A towing service was contacted to take possession of the vehicle.

Officers transported both Ford and Young separately to the Colleton County Detention Center for booking. During a search of Young at the detention center, a female detention officer discovered two bags containing a green leafy substance in Young’s underwear. The detention officer also recovered a small bag containing a white rock-like substance.

Both Ford and Young were arrested and transported to jail. The suspected narcotics were seized and submitted for further testing. The handgun was also seized and submitted into evidence.

Ford was charged with failure to stop for blue lights, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and driving under suspension.

Young was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of crack cocaine, unlawful carry of a handgun, and possessing contraband in county jail.