A diesel disaster for Walmart


Travelers on I-95 and local residents received a nasty surprise on Sept. 3 when their vehicles began to sputter and stall after leaving the Walterboro Walmart gas station.

According to sources, a Walmart truck delivering diesel fuel emptied the diesel fuel into the wrong tank.

Millions of gallons of diesel fuel were inadvertently deposited into the unleaded 87 octane tank. Unknowingly, motorists filled their unleaded fuel tanks with gallons of diesel fuel. This caused vehicles to stall throughout the county and along I-95.

Tow trucks from Colleton were busy as they attempted to retrieve numerous vehicles and assist drivers. One mechanic from a local dealership was stunned. “It was shocking at how many vehicles were needing help,” he said. “One car literally rolled to a stop in front of our business. The fuel system was destroyed.”

Thankfully, once Walmart was made aware of the situation, vehicle owners were given a number to call for assistance. Walmart agreed to pay for repairs to all of the vehicles that were damaged.


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