Young facing Johnson and Cavazzoni in fight for city’s top leadership seat



Voters in multiple towns and cities are going to the polls next week to choose new leaders, as several towns and cities are holding individual municipal elections.

Perhaps the biggest seat up for grabs among these contests is that of mayor for the City of Walterboro: longtime incumbent Walterboro Mayor Bill Young is facing challengers Chrissy Johnson and Alex Cavazzoni in the upcoming Nov. 2nd election.

(Please see separate section on these candidates inside this week’s issue).

Besides time served in public office, the largest differences among the candidates is what they would do if elected as mayor.

Johnson says she wants to focus in increasing homeless shelters, drug assistance programs and overall economic development in the city.

Young said he wants to complete ongoing projects happening in the city, which include water and sewer expansions and updates, improving drainage in and around Ireland Creek and finishing the more than decade-long beautification project, which has improved signage, lighting and the overall aesthetics of the city’s downtown area and its exits from Interstate 95.

Cavazzoni said that instead of focusing on specific projects or goals in the city, he wants to focus on a movement that encourages residents and newcomers to focus on life in Walterboro: “live here, work here, play here.”

This movement, as he calls it in his campaign, would increase recreational opportunities, including the construction of a public pool and create a swim class program; offer incentives for new businesses to locate in Walterboro; and provide more affordable housing and educational opportunities for residents.

In addition to the mayoral ballot, registered voters can also vote for city council: Walterboro City Council candidates are incumbents Carl Brown, Greg Pryor and James Broderick.

There were no new candidates who filed for city council.

In other election news:


Three people will be running for open seats on Cottageville Town Council. These candidates are Walter “Will” Williams, who is running to fill an unexpired term on council; Elizabeth Green, who is running for town council; and Jay McGrew, who is also running for town council.

This is a non-partisan election, meaning there is no political affiliation for any candidate.

The Cottageville Town Council election will be held on Nov. 2nd.


In Smoaks, the filing deadline has passed and there are two people running for Smoaks Town Council – Jimmy Avant and William Ty Barnes.

This is a non-partisan election. The Smoaks election will be held on Nov. 2nd.


In Lodge, two people are running against each other in hopes of becoming the town’s next mayor. Candidates Larry Carter, Sr. and Richard Christopher Smith have both filed to run for mayor. Candidates who have filed to run for Lodge Town Council are Brenda Connelly, E. Richard “Bo” Ryan, Rose S. Varnadoe and Christy C. Terry.

The Lodge election for mayor and for town council will be held on Nov. 2nd.

Edisto Beach

Only one person in Edisto Beach will be on the ballot for the town’s upcoming special mayoral election. Crawford Moore is the sole candidate seeking the town’s mayoral spot.

Moore, who is also the town’s current interim mayor, will fill a two-year spot left on the seat’s four-year term. The current two-year vacancy was created when former Mayor Jane Darby resigned on August 5th, leaving two years into the four-year term.

Additionally, Edisto Beach has two open seats for its town council. Filing for these council seats has ended, and the candidates who have filed to run for these two council seats are James “Jay” R. Watts II and Robert “Bob” N. Renner.


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