You can help solve a large problem by spaying your pet


Too many dogs and cats are sitting in the local animal shelter, and a lot of effort is being put forward by a lot of people to keep them fed, loved and safe while waiting to be adopted. The problem with all of this is that Colleton County residents continue to create the same problem that needs to constantly be corrected.

More dogs, and especially cats, need to be neutered and spayed. This will solve the issue of too many cats and dogs being created: those animals are either left to fend themselves and are captured found roaming around the county or they are dropped off at the shelter because they can’t be cared for.

Spay and neuter your animals.

On the other side of this conversation is the longstanding desire for Colleton Country to have a no-kill shelter. A large group of people work tirelessly to care for dozens and dozens of animals each day and seek out foster homes and permanent homes for these animals. It’s all done in the name of adopting animals and not killing, or euthanizing, any strays. This is a large win for our community. But this win comes with a huge community-wide responsibility to keep the number of animals needing to be adopted at a minimal and to properly care for these animals.

If having this shelter matters to you, adopt locally and volunteer to help.

Moreover, become a part of the push to have all animals spayed and neutered.

Colleton County needs to be free of a lot things: drugs, litter, violence and stray animals. Do your part.


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