Toilet paper has a new look


Jeff Lewis, owner of Jeff’s IGA in Ehrhardt, knew that supplies of toilet paper were limited. So he came up with a plan.

He opened the rolls (with gloves) and divided them up, placing two rolls on a large meat tray. Then he wrapped them in plastic wrap usually reserved for his meat and poultry.

While it might look a bit odd, the plan worked.

“With a huge demand and a short supply, I had to figure something out,” said Lewis. “I only get in 5-12 packs with each truck. I thought, well, I could make 5-12 people happy, or break the packages down and make 10-20 people happy. I decided to make as many people as happy as possible,” said Lewis.

His ingenious plan worked. He has definitely made a lot of people very happy.

Lewis believes that rationing items in high demand is the only way to ensure that everyone gets just enough to get by for the immediate future.

He was concerned at first with the onset of the virus. “We are a small community, and I was worried about how long we could last. So, I had to come up with some alternative ideas. But we have great suppliers, and this community is wonderful about sharing and making the best out of a tough situation,” he added.

Lewis is proud of his store and community. “While a lot of the bigger towns and stores have no eggs, meat, chicken or paper products, I am proud to say that we have all of that. And it seems as though I am supplying not only Ehrhardt, but surrounding communities and counties as well,” said Lewis.

“A man from Charleston just called and asked if we had toilet paper, and if he could come get some. I told him yes, so he is on his way,” laughed Lewis. “I guess word is getting out, and that’s okay. We have just enough.”


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