The one-cent sales tax extension is needed


We commend Colleton County Council for sending the one-cent sales tax to the ballot in November.

If Colleton voters say yes to this, the ongoing one-cent sales tax will create millions of dollars in extra cash for the residents of the county. Many projects will be funded with this money. These projects, which have already been chosen by a special committee of local residents, are important ones. Their construction will enhance the lives of thousands of people, and will improve our overall community. They will help to add life to our communities.

One of the projects that could be funded from this cash pot would be a new animal shelter. A new animal shelter is needed in this community. It is a passionate cause for many and it is one that is warranted. However, without the hopeful approval of the one-cent sales tax, it may otherwise not be funded for many years.

Recreation improvements are also on the project list. These recreational opportunities continue to be needed, as more and more people in our county depend on our local recreation complex for activities and community involvement and personal well-being.

We hope that Colleton County residents say yes in November to extending the one-cent sales tax. It is an extra penny on retail tax that we are already paying – and those pennies make for so much worth when used for the betterment of the county. First, we thank our council and our leaders for acknowledging this as an opportunity and for placing this decision in the hands of the voters.


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