The Nazirite Vow


Are you reading the Bible through with me? Grab your pen and journal, and get ready to write your thoughts as you journey through the Bible.

Today, read Numbers 4-6. Chapter six speaks of the Nazirite Vow. It was a vow taken by someone who desired a deeper walk with God. This meant that the person who took the vow was dedicating his or life totally to God. The vow required abstinence from wine, strong drink, or the eating of grapes or raisins. The hair could not be cut and the Nazirite could not go near a dead body. All of this was to consecrate the vow-taker as holy into the Lord.

How might this manifest itself today? 1) The Nazarite vow of refusing strong drink means you have a clear mind, or focus only on the things of God. 2) The long hair was symbolic of a separation from worldliness. In other words, you are not so overly concerned with your appearance and pride that you lose your Godly focus. 3) Avoiding exposure to dead bodies symbolizes maintaining a distance from things that God considers unclean (sin).

How focused are you on God and the things of God? Are you embracing cultural things that are displeasing to God? Are you daily confessing your sins and repenting before the Father? We don’t need the outer trappings of a Nazirite. God knows our hearts.

In your journal, write about the time you gave your life to Christ.

Next, how well have you kept that vow to follow Him?

Look above at the three ways the Nazirite vow can manifest itself in today’s world. How faithful have you been? What can you do to improve your vow to follow Jesus?

Pray: Jehovah M’kaddesh, my Lord Who Sanctifies, my desire is to whole-heartedly devoted to You. Show me where and how I am falling short so that I might confess and repent. Strengthen me with the discipline to clear my mind and heart of things that displease You. Lord, I am Yours. Do with me as You please.


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