The blood makes all the difference


Reading the Bible through? Grab your pen and journal, and get ready to write your thoughts as you journey through the Bible.

Today, read Exodus 10-12. God’s intent with the plagues was to discredit all of Egypt’s gods. In these chapters, God first sends locusts that cover the ground until it is black. The giant grasshoppers eat everything that is left from the previous plagues.

Next, God sends three days of darkness; there is no daylight. Most of the Egyptians had already had enough with the other plagues, and begin pressuring Pharoah to let the Israelites go. They even give their gold and silver to the Israelites, because they recognize that their Lord is the one true God.

But the final plague is the deciding factor. God sends the death angel to kill every first-born son in the land. However, God tells Moses that the Israelite children will be spared if they follow God’s command…to put an innocent lamb’s blood on their door frames. “The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.” (Exodus 12:13)

The Egyptians lose their first-born children that night, but the Israelites are saved…all because of the blood. At this last plague, Pharoah relents and gives God’s people their freedom from slavery.

Today many of us are slaves. We are enslaved to so many things like worry, anxiety, alcohol, drugs, pleasure, material things, prominence, entertainment, position and even laziness in not going to church. Whatever controls us and interferes with our relationship with the Lord Jesus robs us of time spent in God’s word and prayer. It has enslaved us and needs to be stopped. We need freedom

But the only thing that can save us and help us overcome those sins that control our lives, is innocent blood, the blood of Jesus.

When Jesus died on the cross for your sins that enslave you, He shed his innocent blood as a sacrifice to cover those sins and save you. If you confess your sins, He will forgive you. If you believe that Jesus is the Son of God and ask Him to take control of your life, He will live within you and give you a future with Him in Heaven. His blood makes all the difference from a life of slavery to sin, to a life of freedom with Him.

List those things that have enslaved you in your journal.

As you make your list, ask God to free you from each sin.

Pray: Oh, Lord, reveal to me anything or anyone that rivals my affection and commitment to You. I don’t want anything or anyone to come between us. Whatever or whoever it might be, I repent of those sins so that my heart might be wholly Yours.


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