PRTC Rice Run



The PRTC 5K Rice Run went off without a hitch, with 168 people geared up and ready to run at 8:00 a.m. The weather cooperated, and the equipment set up to score the runners and take pictures worked perfectly.
Nico Pedersen was the top race winner with a time of 16:22.
At age 87, Dante David was the oldest to complete the race, with Tom Whitacre being the next oldest competitor at the age of 75.
Ages 65-69
Shawn Nettles (68) was the top runner. Next was Kris Moore (68), Beth Tyner (67), Richard Robinson (67), Michael Leibowiz (68), and Margaret Johnson (69 years).
Ages 60-64
Kerry Robinson was the top runner. Edwin Barthold, Nella Sinclair, Angie Gutterman, Rhonda Mcalhaney, Anthony Lyons, and Alice Walker completed the race with times in that order.
Ages 55-59
Scott Harvin was top runner. Next was Sandra Ferguson, Holland Maness, Lee Phillips, Johnny Epps, Mark Winkle, Kathleen Castle, Pamela Thomas, Rosella Robinson, Maria Mansfield Richardson, Angie Gillison, with times in that order.
Ages 50-54
Mylinda O’Quinn was the top runner. Next was Steven Herrington, Shannon Guess, and Adrienne David, with times in that order.
Ages 45-49
Orinthal Striggles was the top runner. Next was Ron Menchaca, Wyatt Padgett, Richard Massey, Spencer Witkin, Barnwell Marks, Michelle Bell, Kari Foy, Harper Downey, Jennifer Bunton, Jill Ballew, Sharee Washington, Faith Bradley, David Rosen, Liza Catterton, Mandi Herndon, Kymberly Mullinax, Jenny Horton, Murray Mixon, and Wendy Rushton.

Ages 40-44
Craig Wiltshire was the top runner. Next was Kyle Stroble, Myrriah Hanna, Ashley Amundson, Nathan Sanborn, Chad Spell, Holly Mardell, Summer White, Liz Nettles, Matt Jenkins, Marilen Gabriel, Kearston Silver, William Tomaneng, Sarah Keith, Debbie Avant, Kellisa Foster, Crystal Herrington, and Angela Brown.
Ages 35-39
Purity Munene was the top runner. Next was Lucas Nettles, Craig Stivender, Lauren Callison, Krystle Gregory, Mindy Sandifer, Chuck Clementson, Fine Rosen, Emily Tyner, Dana Thrower, Rebecca Stivender, Ashleigh Williams, Michelle Dietrich, Christina Deloach, Robert Bowers, Deana Groves, Tiffany Doyle, and Shannon Garnsey.
Ages 30-34
Dylan Villescas was the top runner. Next was Jeff Janes, Lauren Bishop, Kayla Benford, Allen-Michael King, Heather Frye, Kaitlin Hogan, Cristina Alarcon, Rebecca Ramsey, Ginny Bishop, Brittany Moore, Joey Ariale, Anna Carol Landry, Blakely Stroble, Brittany Drawdy, Jessica Seward, with times in that order.
Ages 25-29
Colleen Bair was the top runner. Next was Brianna Odum, Chad Mcdowell, Ally Robertson, Leslie Akerley, Rhianna Creel, Danielle Smith, Lauren Defrenn, Will Moore, Casey Stroble, Sarah Fielder, Samantha Scott, and Tiffany Vititoe.
Ages 20-24
Nico Pedersen was the top runner.
Next was Jan Ullrich, Kensley Dantzler, Jared Kilday, Katie Leonard, Cole Cleland, James Goodwin, James Unton, Benji Cummings, Elizabeth Chewning, Natalyn Gillison, Sarah Guerette, Sydney Crosby, and Ainsley Fitch.
Ages 13-19
Eli Smith was the top runner. Next was james foster, Michael Witkin, Catherine Bunton, Andrew Wade, King Foster, Ashlyn Ballew, Grayson Catterton, Jake Muir, Jackson Herrington, Andrew Bolen, Layla Bishop, Cameron Ballew, Warren Dobbins, Evan Pendarvis, Christopher Pendarvis,
Ages 12 and under
The top runner was Charles Colangelo. Next was Grady Nettles, Geniah Russell, Eli Sandifer, Haley Russell, Ella Grace Sandifer, Cali Mixon, Jay’lyn Singleton, Daniella Soto, John Thiele, Mavn Rosen, Walker Catterton, Bryce Mixon, Hope Foster, Madelyn Tyler, Naveah Gillison, Nikia Gillison, and Cavion McDonald.


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