Prayer is Really about God


Reading the Bible through with me? Then Grab your journal and pen and read 1 Kings 7-9. As Solomon offers a dedicatory prayer for the Temple, he is humble, reverent, and submissive. His prayer is filled with praise for all that God has done for Israel, recalling His many promises kept. He then interceded for His people, affirming that Yahweh might use discomfort, defeat, and suffering when the people turn from Him. He asks that Yahweh be merciful when they repent and call out to Him. It was a prayer that celebrated the past, appreciated the present, and appropriated the future. When we pray, we should always be humble, reverent, and submissive. Even in an age of grace, GOD is still God! When we pray, we should celebrate God’s work in our past, appreciate His work in our present, and present ourselves to Him for whatever the future holds for us. He is our Provider, Protector, and Power to live righteously in decadent culture. Trust Him! Keep calm. Remember! Jesus is coming for His Bride! Are you ready??


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