Operation Cougar Nation


Walterboro-Colleton Chamber of Commerce is collaborating with Colleton County School District - CCSD to bring Operation Cougar Nation forward. This effort is to help address disciplinary issues in our schools and will be focused on reducing the number of infractions at Colleton County High School. Our efforts will be aimed at helping teachers spend more time in the classroom teaching and through our acts, we will be able to minimize level 1 and level 2 offenses. The objective is to be a positive influence on students while building a good rapport and to be a helping hand for CCSD.

Scott Biering (Colleton County Councilman):

"There is an amazing appetite for peaceful streets in our community and for a safe nurturing environment in our schools. Operation Cougar Nation is a program that is one piece of an effort that requires the entire community to get creatively involved.

Separated we are unable to succeed. Together we are unstoppable!"

Strong and powerful words from Scott Biering! We could use your support! Whether you are a business owner, parent, aunt, uncle, or military service member, please volunteer! The School District is taking on volunteers on their sign-up page found on the District Website. www.colleton.k12.sc.us There is a background check and training that will need to be completed to be eligible for Operation Cougar Nation. Let's come together as a community and help our school district and children succeed!


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