No Rocking Chair for Me


Are you reading the Bible through with me? Grab your pen and journal, and get ready to write your thoughts as you journey through the Bible.

Today we are reading through the chapters of Joshua 13-15.

In chapter 14, we find Joshua and Caleb in an extraordinary situation. Caleb stood faithful to God even when he and Joshua stood alone together against a faithless nation. In return, God was faithful to an aged Caleb.

When Joshua, Caleb and the spies had gone into the Promised Lane to scope it out, they had returned with good news and bad news. Yes, the land was prosperous and fertile; it was also filled with armies and giants.

Caleb and Joshua voted to go on into the Promised Land and conquer it with God’s help. After all, He had led them that far, providing them with safety, food and water.

But the other spies did not share the belief that God would continue to protect them. They were afraid and did not completely trust in God. As a result, God punished everyone except Caleb and Joshua. An entire generation of fearful cowards who were unfaithful and didn’t trust in God’s promises died out.

Now, twenty years older than the next person, Caleb, at 85 years old, asked for and received the hill country with its fortifications and giants. He trusted in God, was faithful to God, and believed that God would give them the land He had promised.

Based on your reading, what do you think made Caleb so strong? In your journal, write the characteristics of Caleb that made him so strong and capable, even at 85 years of age.

Next, in your journal write how you measure up. How do you compare with Caleb? Are you as strong as he was? Do you completely trust God to take you where He wants you to go, believing He will protect you? Are you faithful in believing in His promises?

If not, what can you do to become more like Caleb?

PRAY: Johovah Tsur, my Lord, my Rock and my Strength, as I grow older, though my body grows more feeble each day, I pray that the person I am in this body would continue to be renewed and refreshed daily as I spend time in your word, in prayer, and in submission to the direction and instruction of the Holy spirit. Strengthen me for the challenges of growing older and help me not to shy away from opportunities to serve You faithfully.


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