More drugs, guns seized from Colleton streets



Proactive policing efforts in Colleton County continue to discover illegal drugs and guns, which are seized from individuals during routine traffic stops.

In the last three months, from January through the end of April, the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office has seized $12,329 in drugs. Six guns were also seized during this time frame.

Broken down, the drug seizures include 12 grams of cocaine; more than 27 grams of meth; 113 grams of marijuana; 225 Ecstasy pills; three grams of crack cocaine; 1 gram of heroin; and three scheduled narcotics. These drugs were taken from individuals who were stopped by deputies as they patrol the Colleton community.

Law enforcement’s efforts to seize drugs and guns are called Proactive Policing. In almost each of the seizures listed above, deputies found these illegal guns and weapons while stopping motorists for traffic violations.

“Proactive policing is law enforcement preventing crime before it takes place. CCSO initiates these efforts to deter crime, reduce disorder, reduce citizen’s fear of crime, and remedy other areas of citizen concerns in specific areas in the Colleton,” said Shalane Tindal, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office.

These efforts will continue throughout 2022, as deputies continue to focus on all parts of Colleton County, said Tindal.