Meet the candidates: Colleton County Council District 45


Dr. Joe Flowers

What makes you ‘uniquely qualified’ for this position?

I have been on County Council for 20 years. My many years of business and professional experience make me uniquely qualified to continue serving on Colleton County Council.

What are three areas you’d like to change?

1. Partner with private developers to increase affordable housing for Colleton residents.

2. Continue aggressive economic development so we can stop the “brain drain” of our youth from the county. In regard to this, we will complete the mega-site development to attract well-paying jobs.

3. Work to stop unfunded mandates from the state and federal government, as this is a hidden tax on the citizens of Colleton County.

How would you spend taxpayer money to improve the office that you seek?

Continue fiscally responsible government and enhance funding for Fire-Rescue so that we can be competitive with surrounding counties and keep our great staff with adequate personnel. This is very important to protect the lives and property of the citizens of our county.

What is the one thing you want your voters to know about you?

One thing I want voters to know about me is that I have dedicated my life to the health and welfare of the people of our county. I was born and reared in the Wesley Chapel of Colleton County and graduated from Lodge High School. I returned to our county after my education at The Citadel and the Medical University of South Carolina and then serving in the United States Army during the Vietnam era. So as you see, I would like to continue serving the citizens of Colleton County that I know and love.

Sabrina Johnson

What makes you ‘uniquely qualified’ for this position?

I am a solution seeker. My legal and industrial engineering background, coupled with my passion for helping others, provides me with problem-solving skills that make me uniquely qualified for this position. As councilwoman, I will strive to find solutions to make Colleton County a better place for everyone.

What are three areas you’d like to change?

Health, education and wealth. I’d evaluate the historic and ongoing interplay of policies and norms that shape the lives of our community to make sure they are actually benefiting individuals to improve the health, wealth and education of our people for generations to come.

How would you spend taxpayer money to improve the office that you seek?

As councilwoman, I’d build systems to provide better resources and opportunities for the people of Colleton County. I’d focus on collaborating with organizations to provide more healthcare options, foster economic development and improve learning environments so that everyone will not only survive, but thrive, to be healthier, wealthier and wiser.

What is the one thing you want voters to know about you?

I would greatly appreciate your vote and the opportunity to serve as your councilwoman. I genuinely care about the people of Colleton County and want what’s best for everyone. Let’s all thrive together. To learn more about me, please visit


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