Lincoln Apartments has first shooting of 2022



Local officers are investigating another shooting at Lincoln Apartments, with this one marking the first of 2022 but just one on a list of violent crimes that have occurred at the apartment complex within the last year.

On Dec. 31st, Walterboro police officers were called to Colleton Medical Center in Walterboro, where the victim was located. The victim had driven himself to the hospital in a private vehicle. This call came into the police department at about 8 p.m.

Details of the call are unclear. However, the victim, who is from Walterboro, was shot three times and had non-life-threatening injuries.

There is a suspect identified in the shooting; however, the victim is not cooperating with law enforcement, and he is refusing to press charges, according to Sgt. Tavara Edwards, spokeswoman for the Walterboro Police Department. Edwards said on Monday that this case is still under investigation.

The charges pending for this New Year’s Eve shooting are attempted murder and third-degree assault and battery.