Letters to the Editor


Time for a change
Dear Editor,
Another car plant is announced for Savannah Georgia to go along with the billion-dollar battery plant in North Carolina, as well as the 150,000 per year car manufacturing Vietnamese plant in North Carolina. Wonder why Joe Biden’s pal Congressman Jim Clyburn can’t get one of these companies to come to South Carolina or get Interstate 95 widened to three lanes instead of being the bottleneck of the East Coast. But don’t forget to donate to his upcoming reelection campaign because he does send and email constantly asking for funds. Time for a change!!!!
James Caron

No to referendum
Dear Editor,
Just when you think partisanship could not boil any hotter, the heat is turned up again.
Now, it’s school board elections. In only two districts in the state are the elections bi-partisan - Lee and Horry counites. No authorization in law can be found to require that. In fact, in numerous districts in the state the enabling legislation actually requires that the elections actually be nonpartisan.
Yet, the Republican Party has posed as an Advisory Question on this year’s primary ballot: “Should candidates for local school boards be able to run as a candidate of the political party of their choice, just like candidates for other elected offices?”
The question is so artfully phrased that to answer “no” seems almost un-American.
The anticipated overwhelming affirmative vote on the question posed will be hailed as “proof” that the people want school board elections to be partisan. A candidate’s “choice” of political party, as appealing as that may sound, will be enacted into law to be a “requirement” for a candidate to run for school board. Partisan school board races, currently not confirmed by law anywhere in South Carolina, will be the law in every school district in the state.
What’s the motivation here?
Two words: power and control. It’s no different whether it’s republican or democrat.
How many times have we heard the threat that a primary opponent would be thrown up against one of their own if the candidate should stray from the partyline? And how often does a political party dictate an agenda to which all of its candidates are expected to adhere?

So, how to vote on the referendum question before us?
A “no” vote would be a clear expression against partisan school board elections.
Robert Folks,
Lancaster, S.C.

Thanks to all
Dear Editor,
On behalf of the Walterboro Civitan Club, let me say how grateful we are for the response that we got at the recent “Rice Festival”. Everyone seemed to be in a festive mood and they really enjoyed that famous “Civitan Rice”. Some said it was the best ever! However, we are appreciative for the comments and for the support that people in Walterboro and Colleton County have given the Civitans for the last 65 years.
While we were successful at the “Rice Festival”, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of that great group called “Rice Planters”. Their assistance was outstanding, and we can all be proud of the young people coming up in Colleton County. They were Rianna Bailey, Sidney Bailey, Kayla Dantzler, Jessie Musgrave, Lisa Patel, Tyler Kearse, Tanner Wolf, Kaniah Ferguson and Gracie Bishop.
Thank you for your help and thank you Colleton County for helping the Civitans as we strive to make Walterboro and Colleton County a better place to live and work.

Yours truly.
‘Donald Davis
Walterboro Civitan Club
Building Good Citizenship Since 1917


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