Letter To The Editor #2


Dear Editor,

It is from paradox that we make progress.” – Niels Bohr (1885-1962), Theoretical Physicist (won Nobel Prize in 1922).

I see in the newspaper that our state government (SC) is going to spend money to revitalize downtown Walterboro. Hoorayyyy!

Some of that national infrastructure trillions spending money is coming our way. That’s nice.

Here’s a thought (just a thought). It would be cool if, maybe, we could also develop a vibrant colored section (a down town?) with some of that sweet infrastructure money.

Granted that with gentrification, and tacit rewhitening stratagems the numbers of us coloreds will (rapidly) diminish in coming years in Walterboro (from the numbers that we are today), but a definitive colored section wouldn’t be a bad idea. Perhaps, Walterboro leaders could give the idea some thought.

Thank you,

Joseph A. Murray (Old Black guy.)

General factory laborer and general all-around swell guy.

President, National Opportunity Zone Investors (NOZI), Walterboro.

President, Walterboro Cool, (non-profit), Walterboro

President, SC Super State (pro-Republican) PAC, Walterboro.

President, Mom’s Birthday Party (Inc.), Walterboro

Joseph A. Murray

(Old Black guy)



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