Is the Whole World Going Blind?


Reading the Bible through with me? Then grab your pen and journal and read 1 Samuel 22-24. Mahatma Ghandi is credited with saying, “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” Paranoia had consumed Saul. He felt threatened by David though David had really done no wrong towards him. Saul wanted David dead, but Yahweh God continued to protect him. David faithfully sought Yah-weh's direction at every turn.

After weeks of running for his life, the opportunity came. Saul came into a cave where David and his men were hiding. But Saul was not searching for David at that time. He just wanted privacy for a "na-ture calling." So, when his royal robe placed aside, David lurked nearby, close enough to cut off the corner of the robe. It was evi-dence of David's faith and character. When he confronted Saul with the evidence, notice Saul's response in 24:17. A foreshadowing of Jesus' words in Matthew 7:12 and Matthew 5:43-48. Do you? Are you? This is just one reason that God called David "a man after God's own heart.” 1 Samuel 13:14

How does all this apply to you? Let me offer you some insight. God forbids revenge for two reasons. First, when we seek revenge, it jerks control of our lives away from God. Second, when we get re-venge, it inflicts pain and collateral damage. Others might be dam-aged when we try to avenge ourselves. When you think someone has wronged you, your sin nature might tell you to seek revenge. God tells in both the Old and New Testaments to leave it in His hands. See Deuteronomy 32:35-36 and Romans 12:17-19. Do not act on impulse and do not premeditate revenge. Leave it in God’s hands and “seek first His kingdom and righteousness.” Temptation towards revenge is NOT sin but holding on those thoughts can be damaging. When thoughts of revenge come, recognize them for what they are and surrender them, so they do not take root in your mind and heart. Release the offender. Forgive them so that your in-timacy with God remains intact. Check out Mark 11:25. A followers of Jesus, let’s not be part of the world going blind. Trust God, Obey His Word, Forgive as God in Christ has forgiven you, and Be the Light!

Let this be your prayer: Father, help me to trust in your sovereignty especially when others do harm to me. Help me to forgive as you have forgiven me. Help me to believe that you will bring good out of my pain when I trust and obey. Help me to be more like our Lord Je-sus. See Romans 8:28-29


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