Forest Hills student brings BB gun to school



An airsoft BB gun was found in a student’s bookbag at a local elementary school last week, prompting law enforcement and school officials to operate at a “heightened sense of awareness,” according to Colleton County Sheriff’s Office and school district officials.

On Dec. 7th, two students at Forest Hills Elementary School in Walterboro told the school’s School Resource Officer (SRO) and administrative officials that a student had the gun in his bookbag. The gun was an Airsoft “BB” gun and it was immediately confiscated.

“The student will be disciplined in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, and Forest Hills Elementary staff opened under a heightened state of awareness for the rest of December 7th,” said Sean Gruber, spokesman for the Colleton County School District.

“Colleton County School District officials thank our students for following our safety protocols and informing their school’s staff,” said Gruber. “Parents, please remember to search your children’s book bags before they come to school. By working together, we can ensure that our schools remain safe and secure,” he said.

According to Lowes, there was no threat to the school and no reports of injuries. The student who brought the gun to school was referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice.