Edisto River house destroyed in Friday fire


By Heather Ruppe

A house along the Edisto River was burned to the ground in a Sept. 16th fire.

The fire occurred in the early afternoon hours of Friday, Sept. 16th, at a residence located along the 3700 block of Cannon Road. This is near the Edisto River.

A neighbor called 911 and originally reported the fire. She told a 911-emergency dispatcher that she could see flames coming through the woods. She also said she could see the house on fire.

According to Colleton County Fire-Rescue Chief Barry McRoy, firefighters arrived and found the single-story wooden house “fully involved,” meaning flames had saturated the entire house.

“The roof and walls on one side of the building had already collapsed when we arrived,” he said.

McRoy said the house was located about 150 feet off of the main roadway, behind heavy brush and woods. This made it difficult for fire engines to easily access the property. “We located a small path through the woods,” he said, describing how firefighters carried a 3-inch water supply line down the path from a water tanker truck. “They connected smaller hand lines to reach the fire,” he said.

The house was a complete loss.

An investigation is underway to determine what caused the fire.

In all, fire crews were on scene for about three hours, according to McRoy.