Edisto party on 4th


People were angry in Colleton County when Edisto Beach was closed due to the pandemic.

But on the 4th of July, Mayor Jane Darby received multiple pictures from Edisto Beach residents that showed over 50 beach goers, many reportedly from Colleton County, congregating at one home and disregarding beach ordinances.

“These pictures are from this weekend on Edisto,” said Darby. “Everyone can say thank you to this group if the beach has to close again.”

Darby indicated that because of the disrespect shown by beach visitors, residents may push town council to reconsider changes to the recently passed permissive ordinance.

Darby, the town council and residents were extremely concerned about their safety in lieu of the increase in COVID cases. The majority of residents are senior adults, many with life threatening health issues.

The beach was closed to outside visitors from the last week in March until the second week in May. A checkpoint was set up, and only those with passes showing residency could enter the town. Masks were required and restaurants were forced to close dining areas.

With misgivings, the council recently agreed to reopen the beaches, asking for guests and visitors to wear masks and use social distancing. Unfortunately, these requests are being ignored.

“We have to protect those who live here year-round,” said Darby. “You wouldn’t want someone to come into your town and bring the virus to you; we feel the same way. We don’t want anyone to come here and bring the virus to us. With the ages of many of our residents, the virus wouldn’t just make them sick; it would kill them.”


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