CRIME REPORTS - 7/28/2022


Homeless man frightens homeowner
By Heather Ruppe

Officers with the Walterboro Police Department were called to a house along Bells Highway on July 16th when they received information that an unknown man was at the victims’ front door, holding a Bible. The man was also reportedly carrying a gun in his waistband. Officers found the suspect and discovered that the suspect possibly had “mental issues,” the report states. While the officers tried to talk to the man, he walked away from the officers and began shouting and throwing items, the report states. The man was not in possession of a gun. However, the man was charged with disorderly conduct and littering. He is described in the police report as a 41-year-old homeless man.
In other Colleton County crime:
Teen facing several charges
A Walterboro teenager is accused of lashing out at several people during a domestic dispute. The incident occurred at a house on Kelly Street in Walterboro on July 14th. According to a police report, the victims are a 75-year-old Walterboro woman, a 22-year-old Walterboro woman and a 16-year-old Walterboro teen. The incident was also witnessed by two adults.
The teenage suspect is charged with assault and battery, third-degree; pointing and/or presenting a firearm; being an incorrigible juvenile; and disorderly conduct.

Teen tries to shove gin into his pants
An 18-year-old Walterboro man was caught recently trying to steal a bottle of liquor. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, the teen went to Top Shelf Wine and Spirits in Walterboro on July 15th and stuffed a bottle of gin into his pants. An employee of the store saw him try to steal the liquor and then confronted him. The suspect then took the gin out of his pants and put it back on the shelf. He left the store. The responding officer saw the store’s security video showing this attempted theft. The suspect will be charged with shoplifting, first offense.

Repeat thief
A 43-year-old Summerville man was caught stealing several items recently from the Wal-Mart in Walterboro. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, the man was trying to steal four boxes of 144-count diapers, with a total value of $151.76; a DVD player, a soda; and three bottles of Algea Guard, with a total value of $52.32. The same suspect is also accused of trying to steal three portable generators on a different date from the same Wal-Mart.