Woman with charged with domestic violence after cutting husband

A Cottageville woman allegedly attacked her husband with a knife last week, sending him to the hospital with a severe laceration.
Raeona K. Turner, 43, is charged with High and Aggravated Criminal Domestic Violence for the incident.
According to a Cottageville Police Department incident report, an officer was doing a property check at the Cottageville Express on July 6th when a man approached the officer and asked that someone check on his parents, who were fighting earlier. The man said when he returned to the house, there was a “Lot of blood” on the back steps of his house and the door was locked. That’s when he left and sought help from an officer.
The Cottageville officer called for another unit to assist him, and then he went to the Clydeville Lane residence to investigate the man’s claims.
As the officer was standing at the door of the house, he saw a woman – Turner – trying to leave the residence. When the officer spoke with the woman, she said that everything was alright, and that she and her husband had argued earlier. When the officer asked where the blood came from, the woman said she and her husband were arguing when her husband picked up a step stool. She thought he was going to hit her, so she grabbed a knife.
“She stated that he turned toward her with the step stool, she stabbed him,” the report states.
The woman also said she had taken her husband to the hospital.
When the officers went inside the house, the officer said in his report that he noticed a “large amount of blood all over the floor and appliances,” he said.
The man was located at Colleton Medical Center, where he was receiving treatment for a stab wound to his left forearm.
The woman was arrested, and taken to the Colleton Detention Center. This case is still under investigation.

Water goes into Colleton man’s gas tank
A man reported to authorities that someone put water in his gas tank. The incident was reported on June 23rd, when the man went to the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office headquarters and filed the report. According to the victim, this incident took place at his residence, located in Round O. The case is being investigated as damage to a vehicle.

Fire-Rescue building site of attempted break-in
Law enforcement officers were called to Pierce Road on June 24th when an unknown person tried to break into a Colleton County Fire-Rescue station. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, an unknown suspect tried to enter Station No. 34. There are no known suspects at the time, and nothing is reported as being stolen, the report states.

Man leads cops on low-speed chase
A 64-year-old Colleton man is charged with possession of crack cocaine after he was caught during a traffic stop. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, a deputy was conducting routine patrol on Augusta Highway when he saw a blue Ford pickup truck with an inoperable tag light and a license plate plastic cover that was obstructing the deputy’s view of the tag. The deputy stopped the driver and then asked him to get out of the car. Instead of the driver complying, however, the driver put the truck into drive and then fled, driving down Augusta Highway toward Interstate 95, the report states. However, the driver was only going 16 mph. He again came to a stop, near the Circle C Truck Stop, and the deputy again asked the driver to get out of the vehicle. A search of the driver revealed a .2 grams of crack cocaine. He is charged with possession of crack cocaine.

Man caught choking woman inside parked car
The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office received a 911-emergency call on June 27th that a man was spotted choking a woman inside a parked vehicle at an Interstate 95 rest area. Deputies went to the rest area, and spoke with the man and the woman. The woman had visible injuries to her neck, and complained of neck pain from the assault, the report states. The woman was taken to Colleton Medical Center to be treated for her injuries, and the 31-year-old man was charged with criminal domestic violence, second degree, and taken to the Colleton Detention Center.

Colleton man drives 10 miles before stopping for blue lights
A 41-year-old Colleton man led officers on a brief chase last week when he refused to stop for a deputy. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, a deputy was in his patrol car on Cottageville Highway when the suspect passed him. The deputy said in his report that he could see the driver was not wearing a seat belt. The vehicle also had a broken tag lag. When the deputy tried to stop the man, the driver continued to drive, traveling about 10 miles before he finally came to a stop. Speeds did not exceed 65 mph, the report states. When the driver did stop, he was placed in handcuffs. The deputy said in his report that the driver had no insurance and his license was suspended. The driver was charged with Failure to Stop For Blue Lights and for Driving Under Suspension, third offense.

Woman caught littering
A woman threw a beer bottle into another woman’s driveway last week, causing the bottle to shatter and prompting the homeowner to call authorities. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, a 65-year-old resident on Moore Street in Walterboro told police officers that a vehicle stopped in front of her house on July 3rd. A man then got out of the driver’s seat, and began to tell the female passenger to get rid of her open bottle of beer. The two argued, and the woman threw the bottle into the homeowners’ driveway, causing the glass bottle to shatter. The officer was able to use a description of the car and located the vehicle shortly after the crime was reported. According to the driver of the car, the female passenger tossed the beer. The man said he did not know the woman, and he had picked her up to give her a ride. When he saw she had an open bottle of beer, he told her to get rid of it, the report states. The man returned to the victim’s house and cleaned up the debris.

Man caught on camera stealing from car wash
A 41-year-old Walterboro man was caught on video stealing from the Self-Serve Car Wash on Jefferies Boulevard in Walterboro. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, the complainant called police when he saw the suspect stealing industrial grade foam brushes, industrial grade hoses and various connectors from the car wash. The man was caught on camera backing his Chevy Silverado truck up to the car wash stalls, climbing on top of his truck to reach the foaming brush and then detached it and placing it in his truck bed. The man also tried to pick a dead bolt lock to gain entry into the interior of the car wash, but he could not, the report states. The man was also caught on camera trying to break into the vending machine, but he did not succeed, the report states. The stolen equipment is valued at $1,000. The man also did about $500 in damage to the vending machine, a door that he tried to break into and to a vacuum at the car wash. The suspect has been identified and the case is under investigation.