CRIME REPORTS - 2-18-2021


Wal-Mart shopper uses wrong bar codes to steal goods 


A shopper at the Walterboro Wal-Mart used the self-checkout lane last week and stole more than $200 in merchandise. According to an incident report filed with the Walterboro Police Department, a Wal-Mart employee spotted the female shopper using different bar codes than the ones on the actual merchandise she was buying. This allowed for only about $50 to be shown as the price owed, instead of the actual price. According to the report, the woman actually owed about $270 for the merchandise she was attempting to buy. The woman was secured at the store, and was charged with Shoplifting, first offense. In a second and unrelated incident, an identified male shopper filled a cart with appliances and groceries last week at Wal-Mart and walked out of the store, without paying. According to an incident report, the man, who was wearing a face mask and a camo jacket, simply walked passed all of the checkout lanes and into the parking lot. The man refused to stop for a female Wal-Mart employee, who tried to get him to stop. The man loaded the stolen items into a vehicle and left the scene. He has not yet been found. He is wanted for shoplifting. 

Truck overturns at Hampton Street, Memorial Avenue 

Officials responded last week to a motor vehicle crash that happened in the heart of Walterboro. Two vehicles collided on Feb. 9 near the intersection of Hampton Street and Memorial Avenue in Walterboro. A Ford pickup truck was struck by another vehicle that was headed east on Hampton Street. That truck then flipped, blocking the intersection of the two roadways. No one was injured; however, the driver of the car was transported to Colleton Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Man charged after assaulting daughter with weapon 

A Colleton County man is accused of assaulting his daughter with a weapon. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, deputies were called to the Walterboro man’s house after a 911-emergency call said he assaulted his daughter with a weapon. There is no supplemental report, showing the ages of the suspect or the victim. The man is charged with second-degree assault and battery and with second-degree criminal domestic violence. 

Counterfeit cash used at Econo Lodge 

Walterboro police officers were called to the Econo Lodge last week to a report of counterfeit cash. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, the clerk called and reported that an unidentified black male paid cash for a room rental. Mixed into the cash were multiple counterfeit bills, including fake $5, $20 and $100 bills, the report states. This case remains under investigation. 

Gun, drugs found during traffic stop 

Walterboro police officers discovered a stolen shotgun and narcotics during a routine traffic stop last week. According to a police department incident report, officers stopped a male driver on South Jefferies Boulevard because the paper tag on his vehicle had expired. Once the driver was stopped, the officer stated in his report that the driver was “nervous,” and then granted consent for the vehicle to be searched. The officer found narcotics and also a shotgun. The shotgun came back as being stolen; however, the driver said the gun belonged to his deceased father and that he had no knowledge of it being stolen. The man is charged with possession of narcotics and possession of stolen property. The gun was seized. 

Man punches, kicks woman 

A Walterboro woman reported being kicked and assaulted by a friend. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, the female victim called 911 and said she had been assaulted by a male friend. The woman said the two are not dating and not living together; she had allowed the man to spend the night in her house because he is homeless, and the woman said she “felt badly for him, “the report states. The woman also said the two had gone on a few walks together and spoke to each other through social media, prior to the man’s alleged assault. According to the report, the male suspect is accused of kicking the woman in her leg and then punched her in the back. The man could be charged with assault and battery, third-degree.


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