Colleton County Sheriff’s Office Reports

12/27/22-RUFFIN: An officer called by telephone the complainant who reported that an unknown person went into his wife’s car and stole $20.00. This occurred approximately between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Bells Highway. The suspect was unknown. Breaking into motor vehicles.

12/27/22-ISLANDTON: An officer responded to Cayce Road for a larceny incident. The suspects went into an open utility building that was in the rear of the residence and stole two Sthil backpack blowers. Petit larceny less than $2,000.

12/28/22-WALTERBORO: At approximately 10:01 a.m., CCSO responded to Cypress Pond Road at Cypress Creek Christian Church for damage to a pump house. It appears that a white pickup truck struck the pump at low speed during the night. CCSO could not identify the truck or driver. Malicious injury to animals and other personal property less than $2,000 (misdemeanor).

12/28/22-WALTERBORO: An officer interviewed the victim who called Colleton County Sheriff’s Office regarding reporting her well pump stolen on Sweetheart Lane. Well pump, unknown make, model, and serial number. Value $5,000 dollars. Grand larceny greater than $2,000 but less than $10,000.

12/28/22-WALTERBORO: An officer responded to the emergency room for a 16-year-old male who was shot in the leg. The shooting location allegedly happened on Steeplechase Drive. Attempted murder.

12/29/22-SMOAKS: An officer spoke to the victim via telephone about larceny that occurred on Mount Carmel Road. Petit larceny less than $2,000.

12/29/22-WALTERBORO: An officer spoke with the victim about his climbing gear being stolen. The complainant stated that his climbing gear had been in a work vehicle that broke down off a side road of Jefferies Highway. The complainant was unable to provide a name for the road the truck broke down on, but it is believed to be Red Bank Road based on the description provided. The complainant stated that his climbing gear was valued at two thousand dollars. Grand larceny greater than $2,000 but less than $10,000.

12/29/22-COTTAGEVILLE: At approximately 4:59 p.m. deputies responded to Red Oak Road about a larceny. Damaging or tampering with a vehicle.

12/30/22-WALTERBORO: An officer contacted the complainant to make a report regarding her vehicle. The complainant stated that her vehicle was taken from her residence at approximately 9:00 p.m. on Dec. 29. Vehicle is a silver 2019 Chrysler, model number 300. Grand larceny of a motor vehicle.

12/31/22-WALTERBORO: An officer responded to a business to contact the complainant who wanted to report property damage. The complainant stated that an unknown subject threw a cinder block threw the window of the business on Sniders Highway. Malicious injury to animals and other personal property less than $2,000 (misdemeanor).

12/31/22-COTTAGEVILLE: An officer spoke to a complainant who operates a business and wanted to report possible fraud. The complainant stated that a customer came to purchase a trailer but suspects the customer to have used a fraudulent insurance card.

01/01/23-WALTERBORO: At approximately 10 a.m., an officer responded to the incident location about reports of the suspect discharging a firearm. Subsequently, a search warrant was obtained for the incident location and the suspect was arrested for pointing and presenting a firearm and possession of a sawed-off shotgun or rifle.

01/01/23-WALTERBORO: At approximately 8:13 p.m., officers responded to Bee Street for a possible hit and run involving a vehicle and pedestrian. Assault and battery first degree.

01/02/23-COTTAGEVILLE: an officer responded on Mars Oilfield Landing for a truck that had a hole drilled in the gas tank. Malicious injury to animals and other personal property less than $2,000 (misdemeanor) and petit larceny less than $2,000.

01/02/23-WALTERBORO: At approximately 9:19 a.m., deputies responded to Rosewood Drive for larceny. Petit larceny less than $2,000.

01/02/23-WALTERBORO: an officer responded to Augusta Highway Circle C Express about a male entering the store and stealing three cases of beer. Shoplifting less than $2,000 - first offense.

01/02/23-WALTERBORO: an officer responded to Cane Street for a burglary. Burglary second degree.