CRIME REPORTS - 12/30/2021


Bad driver tries to flee from Colleton cops


A 20-year-old Colleton man is charged with failure to stop for blue lights and taken to jail after he led officers on a brief car chase. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the deputy tried to stop the suspect when he saw the man driving on the wrong side of the road on Wesley Grove Road: the driver was failing to stay in his lane, and was traveling in the opposite lane against traffic, the report states. When the deputy activated his sirens and lights, however, the suspect refused to stop the car. Once the vehicle did come to a stop, the driver was arrested and taken to jail. It is unclear why the driver refused to stop or why he was driving irrationally.

In other crime reports:

Feline friend stolen

A Walterboro resident reported their cat stolen last week. The alleged incident occurred on Dec. 17th. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the victim said his cat was stolen and there were “items left” on their property, showing something suspicious had occurred. No arrests have yet been made in this case.

Dumpster graffiti

Investigators with the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office are trying to uncover who vandalized a dumpster near the Dollar General on Sidneys Road in Walterboro. The dumpster was vandalized by graffiti that was sprayed along it. No other property damage was reported.

Cooler bandits

Law enforcement officers were called to a Walterboro residence when the homeowner said two suspects came onto the homes’ front porch, cut a lock to gain access to a cooler and then stole it. According to a sheriff’s office incident report, the suspects also stole a three-foot-tall plant off of the porch. There are no suspects listed in the report.