Crime Reports - 11-18-2021


Bar patrons start shoot-out a Sure Shots

Local law enforcement officers are searching for two people who recently decided to shoot at each other at a Colleton County bar.
According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, deputies were called to the Sure Shots Bar on Nov. 7th to a report of two men shooting at each other. While en route to the scene, which is located at 4198 Sniders Highway in Walterboro, deputies learned one of the victims had a gunshot wound and was being taken to Colleton Medical Center in a personal vehicle. When deputies did arrive at the bar, both the victim/suspect had already left the scene. Security officers at the bar told deputies that two vehicles had been in the parking lot with suspects shooting at each other: one person was hit and left. A nearby residence was struck by a bullet in the crossfire, as was a vehicle. The pending charges are attempted murder, discharging firearms into a dwelling and destruction of property.

In other crime reports:
Elementary School assault reported
Officers were called to an assault recently at a local elementary school. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were notified of an assault that occurred on the playground of Hendersonville Elementary School on Nov. 4th. The report states two juveniles struck another child in the head and caused damage to the juvenile’s ear. The report doesn’t state if action was taken.

Colleton man scammed in dog purchase
Deputies were called to a Walterboro house on Nov. 6th to a case of swindling. According to a sheriff’s office incident report, the victim said he was swindled out of $2,000 cash that he was going to pay for a French bulldog. The suspect is wanted for swindling. No other details are available.

Armed robber steals from Wal-Mart
Officers are looking for a man who tried to rob Wal-Mart with a gun.
According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, officers were called to the Walterboro Wal-Mart on October 31st to a report of a man with a gun. According to that police report, the store’s security officer said a man tried to enter leave the store with a shopping cart filled with merchandise by pushing open a set of emergency doors in the store’s pharmacy department. When the officer tried to stop the man, the man then pulled a gun from inside his clothes. The suspect then pointed the gun at the store’s security officer, who backed away from the suspect. The suspect then began to push the cart out of the door and unload the merchandise into a black Ford truck, which was parked just outside of the doors. When the security guard opened the door to try to get the vehicle’s license plate information, the suspect again pointed the gun at him, the report states. No video of the vehicle could be optained. The stolen merchandise is estimated at $500 and is believed to include two I-Robot floor vaccums and miscellaneous clothes.

Laundry mat theft
Cash was stolen from a local laundromat’s drink vending machines. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, the owner of the Coin Laundromat, located at 114 Elizabeth Street in Walterboro, called police and said someone burglarized two Coca-Cola vending machines that were inside the business. Each of the machines contained about $10 in cash. Cash from a nearby vending machine was also broken into and money was stolen. Additionally, someone spray painted the cameras inside the business so that no footage was taken. This is under investigation.