Crime Reports


Two arrested for stealing diesel
Deputies responded to the I-95 southbound rest area on March 24 after a person reported someone was stealing fuel from semi-trucks.
A witness pointed out the two men she said were taking the fuel from other trucks and putting it in their own semi-truck.
Deputies allegedly found a black hose in a pipe under the cab of the suspects’ truck. The hose was tracked to the PTO of the truck that connected to their fuel tank.
The two men were taken to jail, charged with breaking into a motor vehicle where fuel is stored.

Mustang gone
A Smoaks resident reported March 24 his 1993 teal green Ford Mustang was missing. The car did not have a license plate, was a five-speed with a 302 engine. The body had white stripes and the back passenger bumper had a different shade of green spray paint.

Three children into protective custody
Three Jacksonboro children were taken into protective custody by the Dept. of Social Services after a report they may have been sexually assaulted.
The sheriff’s department is investigating.

Chase around town
A Walterboro police officer observed a black GMC driving erratically through Forest Hills on March 15. He stopped the driver, who apparently refused to produce his information. The driver then sped away, almost running over the officer’s foot.
The officer chased the vehicle onto Washington Street, Ivanhoe Drive, South Jefferies, Beach Road, Cypress Pond, then onto Doctors Creek Road where the suspect almost hit a sheriff’s deputy head-on.
The chase continued on Bells Highway, down Stokes Road to Wells Lane, where the vehicle stopped in a private drive. At this point, the driver fled and the passenger was taken into custody, charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphenalia
K9 Officer Hydro was brought into to track, but was unable to find the trail.
A search of the vehicle recovered a marijuana cigarette, a scale and two off-white rock substances believed to the methamphetamine.
The investigation continues.

Charger stolen
A 2017 gray Dodge Charger was reported stolen on Gadsden Loop on March 18. The victim said the car was locked in her yard when she left.

Intent to distribute
A man was charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine after a traffic stop on March 17.
John E. Leland was in a vehicle stopped on Sniders Highway. The driver had a suspended license. The three occupants said the car wasn’t theirs and they didn’t know if there was anything illegal in the car or not.
After a K9 search, a bookbag was found containing a crystal-like substance that tested presumptive for meth. Two glass pipes were also reportedly found in the car.
Leland allegedly admitted the meth was his. He was arrested and the driver was charged with driving under suspension.

Car missing in Cottageville
A resident of Bailey Farm Lane, Cottageville, woke up March 17 to find his 2012 blue Nissan Maxima missing. The victim said the car had a black front bumper, black driver’s side front fender and a rear passenger side door that was a different blue from the rest of the car.

Officers help homeless family
On March 17, Walterboro Police officers helped a homeless family of three. Officers knew the parents and their 4-year-old child were planning to sleep under a bridge and had no way to provide food for themselves. The child also had a respiratory illness.
The child was taken into protective custody and evaluated at the hospital.

Woman arrested for meth possession
After a traffic stop, Colleton County deputies arrested a woman for possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.
After the vehicle was stopped for failing to stay in its lane, deputies asked the woman, Samantha Hill, for her driver’s license. She could not produce one.
She and the two passengers were asked if there were narcotics in the vehicle and reportedly agreed to a vehicle search.
Deputies reported finding a flashlight with a crystal-like substance in the batter compartment, a purse containing a clear plastic bag and a small green metal container with a crystal-like substance and hypodermic needles. The substance tested positive for methamphetamine. Total combined weight was 1.9 grams.
Hill reportedly told officers the drugs were hers. She was arrested.

Burglary on George Street
A resident of George Street called Walterboro Police after returning home to see someone jumping from her home’s window.
Missing was a cigar box containing jewelry.

Counterfeit money
Four $50 in counterfeit money were reported at Family Dollar on March 16.

Fraudulent car on Facebook
A Walterboro woman tried to purchase a car from a Facebook listing, only to lose her money.
The victim viewed a white 2009 Nissan Maxima listed for $1,200. After emailing with the owner, she was told the seller would set up an eBay account for payment and she would have a five-day grace period after it was received if she was unsatisfied.
The victim bought six eBay cards for $200 and entered the card numbers to complete the transaction.
However, the next day she received another link requesting an $800 deposit for insurance. The seller said they were on a military installation in Colorado and about to deploy. She tried to contact them again, but got no response.

Truck reported stolen, then found
A man was cutting grass near the 300 block of Three Mile Road on March 17 when he saw a female enter his vehicle and drive off. He tried to follow on his lawnmower, but lost sight with his 1995 white Chevy pickup.
Walterboro Police officers later found the vehicle on Sniders Highway. The suspect said she had permission to use the truck; the owner disagreed.
No charges were filed.

Broken taillight ends in arrests
A Walterboro Police officer stopped a red Chevy van on March 15 on Bells Highway. As the driver reached for the glove box for his paperwork, the officer saw a glass jar with a green leafy substance in the car.
When the front seat passenger got out of the car, officers saw a Ruger firearm in the front passenger floorboard. A search of the passenger yielded more leafy green material in a large plastic bag.
A further search found a .9 mm High Point in the rear driver’s side passenger seat.
The Ruger gun was reported stolen from Dorchester County.
The front seat passenger, Montell Maurice Bell Jr., 20, was arrested for unlawful carry, possession of stolen property and simple possession of simple marijuana.
A passenger, Melquan Jasheem Mingo, 18, was arrested for unlawful carry of a firearm.


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