County Council needs board members to speak for A-Tax spending plan



Colleton County Council is seeking individuals from lodging and hospitality industries and the cultural arts community to serve on the county’s Tax Accommodation Advisory Board (TAAB).

Six members are needed: four from the lodging and hospitality industry, one from cultural arts, and two at large.

“We have recently reinstated the TAAB,” said Kevin Griffin, county administrator. “In previous years, we have not collected enough accommodations tax to be available for grants for the community. We have now started to collect excess funding that can go into TAAB,” he said.

According to Griffin, there is $60,000 that needs to be allocated, but no board to administer the funds. So far, $20,000 must be allocated by June 2022, and $40,000 by 2023.

“We need people willing to serve on this board in Colleton, or that $60,000 will have to go to the state,” Griffin added.

To apply to serve on the Tax Accommodation Advisory Board, contact a county council member or call Administrator Kevin Griffin at 843-549-5221.


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