Cottageville cop makes “disgusting” gummy arrest



Cottageville police officers have made a “disgusting” arrest where they say marijuana gummies are being targeted to children.
On April 16th, officers arrested a Walterboro man for Possession with Intent to Distribute while the man was making a drug delivery in Cottageville. The suspect was delivering about $1,200 in product when he was busted.
“This is very popular, the edibles, because you don’t have to smoke it. You just eat it. The problem is they are targeting children,” said Cottageville Police Chief Jeffery Cook.
Cook said this is the second drug arrest made within one year that has marijuana-based products in mass quantity targeting children. In the other arrest, Cook seized Rice Krispy Treats that were made with marijuana. Cook said there have been other arrests made recently regarding marijuana and products that target children; however, these cases are still under investigation and cannot be discussed.
“We get edibles all the time. Usually it’s for personal use, but this arrest was disgusting because you could tell it was a large delivery that was targeting children,” he said. “This is what is being overlooked because people say, ‘It’s just pot.’ But the underlying issue is that children are being targeted. This is not about an adult making a choice to do what they want. This is about children being targeted and we need to protect our children.”
Cook says if anyone sees these packets, contact law enforcement. He is also parents to be more diligent to pay attention to what their children are given and what they are eating.
“This product packaging is the perfect way to transport this drug, and to entice new users,” said Cook. “The product looks so much like a regular bag of gummies, that we have to be diligent about this. Marijuana just isn’t a green leafy substance. It can look like a pack of candy.”


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