Cop, paramedics help deliver baby at Cottageville home



Local officers and firefighter-paramedics helped to deliver a baby inside a Cottageville home.
The mother, whose identity is not being disclosed, went into labor on July 7th and was able to almost entirely deliver the baby on her own before she could call 911 and ask for help. Then, an officer from the Cottageville Police Department and firefighter-paramedics from Colleton County Fire-Rescue (CCFR) arrived at about 4:04 p.m. to the Reevestown Lane residence, and helped to complete the delivery.
The firefighter-paramedics also delivered care to the baby and the mother.
“The mother was in good condition and so was the newborn boy,” said Barry McRoy, chief of CCFR. “Both the mother and the baby were taken to Colleton Medical Center without incident.”
The mother and child were then safely discharged from the local hospital about one day after they arrived, according to Tara Stewart, hospital spokeswoman.
Helping to deliver a baby at home isn’t a normal occurrence for Colleton’s cops and paramedics.
“It isn’t routine at all,” said Hollis Fuse, with the Cottageville Police Department. “This happened to be one of those times where the officer, Sgt. Colson, responded, the baby was semi delivered and the officer helped until the medics arrived on scene. The baby was healthy, and the mom was also ok.”
According to McRoy, local firefighter-paramedics used to deliver more babies at Colleton County homes, but the numbers have dwindled down over the years. So far this year, CCFR has helped to deliver two babies “in the field,” or in a patient’s home. One was this mother and baby from last week.
“There were several others who had delivered before we arrived on scene,” he said. “All of our personnel are trained to handle obstetrical emergencies. It used to be more common for us to deliver babies at a home, but prenatal care has improved greatly in the last few decades. Many births are scheduled today, which also takes much of the guesswork out of delivering a baby,” he said.
“We do see some early deliveries or occasional OB problems or emergencies that occur in the home, but most of our patients are transported to Colleton Medical Center, which has a great OB department.”


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