Colleton County referendum needs to be passed


Recently, several Colleton County residents stood in front the podium at a Colleton County Council meeting and asked that council members give a second look at a list of projects that are set to be done in the community. This list of projects includes a plethora of items – a community pool, a new animal shelter, a community civic center, and more. The projects could be completed over the course of several years, with the funding coming from an extended one-cent sales tax.

We applaud the passion of those who spoke at the council meeting. Several residents asked that council consider redoing that list of projects. They want a community pool as a priority. Some residents cited the need for kids to learn to swim. Others said aquatic therapy is needed for older Colleton residents. Third, a pool for recreation is wanted.

We agree that a community pool needs to take priority over several other more community-specific projects that are on the list. If a one-cent sales tax is approved in Colleton County, that means that almost all residents are paying this additional penny through retail purchases. Yes, we support the needs in smaller communities – community centers and parks are very important. Yet, projects that benefit more of the community at-large should take precedence. Construction of a new animal shelter, which is already on the top of the list, is a great example of this. A new animal shelter benefits the entire county, as would a community pool.

Regardless of the wants, however, these projects are just ideas. At this point, the list of projects we are discussing do not have a funding source. For them to come to fruition, Colleton residents will first need to approve the referendum in November.

We ask that this be approved. The one-cent sales tax is already in place. By extending by another penny, we are creating more buckets of money to improve our entire community.


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