Colleton County High School Seniors Complete CNA


Colleton County High School offers a Certified Nursing Assistant course to senior students who have successfully completed the required Health Science courses that the school offers. The class is taught by Julie Mundell and Amy DeLong. Students also receive an Honor’s credit upon completion of the course. For the 2022-2023 school year, CCHS is offering two CNA courses, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.

This past fall semester, 12 CCHS seniors successfully completed the CNA program and obtained their CNA certification. During the duration of the course, students participated in 40 plus hours of clinical training at our local Veterans Victory House. During their time at the facility, the students implemented the skills they learned during the classroom lab instruction. There are a total of 21 skills that the students must learn and complete.

In order to receive their CNA certification, students must complete 60 hours of classroom lab instruction, and at least 40 hours of clinical training in an approved long-term care facility. After this is completed, they then take a 2 portion test through Credentia, South Carolina’s credentialing service for CNAs. The first portion is a written test, and the second portion is a skills test, where students are given 5 random skills to perform in a thirty minute time frame. The student has to pass both portions to be eligible to receive their certification.

We are so proud of the following students who will graduate career-ready with their CNA Certification! The students are as follows: Hannah Bunton, Dalaney Buxton, Alayna Creel, K'Maree Crittington, Emmie Crosby, Madalynn Fulmer, Melanie Heatley, Jayla Parks, Hailie Ritter, Aymi Rosa, Jordan Slocum, and Maleeah Terry. They will be recognized for their achievements at the January 17, 2023, school board meetin