Candidates answer runoff questions for council seat


Maryann Blake

What is the difference between you and your running mate?

BLAKE: “I have the qualifications and leadership abilities to help govern the County’s affairs and help its people prosper. I have spent the majority of my legal career in Colleton County as an attorney. I have served on the Colleton County Board of Assessment Appeals and am currently serving on the Colleton County Planning Commission where I have reviewed our code in depth and helped approve updates to the code. I was appointed by the Governor to the Colleton County Board of Voter Registration and Elections in 2017 and am the immediate past chairperson. I withdrew from the Commission to run for the Colleton County Council at-large seat. I am a 2021 recipient of the James Clyburn Political Fellowship and a 2022 graduate of Leadership Salkehatchie. I have served as prosecutor for Walterboro since October 2016 and am owner of my law firm.”

Why is Colleton County important to you ?

BLAKE: “I want to help Colleton County prosper with a great quality of life. As a business owner I know that investing time, energy and money is the only way a business will thrive. The same holds true for our county. South Carolina has many areas that are literally dying for lack of a stable economic workforce to support the local communities. Colleton County is one of these areas. The economic decline of rural South Carolina is of utmost concern as most young professional people want to flock to urban areas. There is great potential in redeveloping the rural parts of South Carolina, including Colleton County to support local economies. This is one reason why I chose to work in Colleton County. I care and have the proven qualifications and abilities to help.”

What do you want to say to voters who did not participate in the Democratic primary?

BLAKE: “It is time for the Democratic party to hold the County Council at-large seat. Voters must vote for the candidate with proven abilities to lead, manage, and bring prosperity to our county. It is time to vote for the candidate that is best for Colleton County not necessarily your friend or family member. Voters — you have one vote. Make it count!”

Hiram EM Davis

What is the difference between you and your running mate?

DAVIS: “Having led several organizations and businesses, positively leading them beyond the original organizational expectations; my leadership experience is one of my most influential characteristics. At this point, with the current state of our county, state and nation, we need people in office that sincerely have a heart for helping people. I am a “go-getter” , I am passionate and I will get the job done.”

Why is Colleton County important to you ?

DAVIS: “I was born and raised here, my heart is here. Colleton County has great potential but having the right people in leadership capacities is what is needed to move this county forward in a positive manner. My mother, the late Miriam Ackerman Davis and

my father Hiram, both vested many years in the county’s school district. Working with the public for so many years my parents taught me how to care for people and they also instilled in me to always love and cherish your foundation and where you are from. It doesn’t matter how far I go away from Colleton County; I am always proud to tell people I am from a small town in SC called Walterboro. Colleton is and will always be home. This county and its amazing citizens will always hold a special place in my heart.”

What do you want to say to voters who did not participate in the Democratic primary?

DAVIS: “So many have sacrificed their lives for everyone to have the right to vote. THERE IS NO EXCUSE NOT TO VOTE IN ANY ELECTION. Every election is important, but your local elections are significant, as those individuals are the ones that can or cannot make things happen as it directly relates to the citizens. If you did not vote on June 14th, now is your opportunity to vote and vote for a change, your vote DOES count and your vote determines the state of our county for the years to come. VOTE FOR PROVEN LEADERSHIP, VOTE HIRAM EM DAVIS for Colleton County Council Seat At-Large….The Voice for the People: Your Voice, Your Choice. For information about Hiram EM Davis, visit or follow us on Facebook.”


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