Candidate visits voters


Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick visited Bowman Vineyards on January 6 in his bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Patrick met with local Democrats Monday to answer questions and get to know a few small business owners. “I want to help you help yourselves,” said Patrick. As an amateur bee keeper, he is interested in rural communities and agriculture and said that he wants to increase the potential of small farms and businesses and help them expand by implementing broadband improvements. Patrick is viewed as a progressive and plans to create policies to help with health care costs and education and to promote what he calls “a positive message where we shout kindness, justice and compassion.” As governor, he left office with acclamations for his initiatives in repairing roads and bridges throughout the state of Massachusetts, as well as raising educational standards. With the personal recommendation of former President Obama, Patrick is hopeful that he can carry the nomination in the February primaries. Though he had a late start, he hopes that his campaigning in South Carolina will help him in the polls.


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