Blessed to Be a Blessing


Reading the Bible through with me? Then grab your pen and journal and read 2 Samuel 16-18. When we left David in chapter 15, he was climbing the Mount of Olives, mourning over his son’s rebellion. If ever there was a man in a deep emotional valley, it was David. His own son had turned on him. It seemed he would lose his kingdom and his life. If you read the last few chapters again, you must conclude that David’s kids were a mess, and his present suffering was rooted in passive parenting. As a parent, David did not confront his children about their sinful actions. He took no action in response to the incestuous rape of his daughter by his oldest son, Amnon. For two years his son, Absalom, patiently waited to exact revenge on his brother. After killing Amnon, Absalom went into hiding for three years. When he returned, he set out to overthrow his father and take the throne of Israel. His efforts were enough to force King David to leave the holy city of Jerusalem.

As David crested the mountain top, he spoke with some trusted advisors about strategy. When he turned to continue his journey, Ziba was standing there. Ziba was the one assigned as the caretaker for Mephibosheth, Saul's grandson. Ziba had food, wine, and donkeys as refreshment and transportation for David and his party. It was an unexpected blessing. Quite often, we find ourselves feeling betrayed, under stress, grieving, broken. Yet, we must still climb that mountain called life. When, like David, we seek our strength in Yahweh, HE provides blessing and refreshment at just the right time. Here is the best part. Sometimes, you are the one receiving the blessing (David) and sometimes you get to be the blessing (Ziba). So, even when you find yourself under pressure, instead of asking God to pull you out of it, try asking Him how He will use you to bless others in His Name. I promise, your problems will look much different then. Accept the blessings God brings to you through others and look for opportunities for God to use you to bless others!


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